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On this date in wrestling history in 1995, Kenta Kobashi and Akira Taue fought to a draw after 30 minutes of competition at the AJPW show at Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The Great Muta wasn't on that card but we have it on good authority he is in the house for tonight's show and that sure seems encouraging.

Tonight's show opens with a look at Aries backstage and a recap of the most recent events in Bully's quest to put Dixie through a table. We're also reminded that Devon came back to TNA last episode. Back in the Manhattan Center, Christy Hemme is in the center of the ring, standing tall amidst a raucous reception from the Manhattan Center crowd.

Bobby Roode vs. MVP

Bobby Roode is introduced first and then his opponent MVP, hobbles out on crutches and tells an official that he will not participate in tonight's match. Roode makes his way down the ramp and fetches MVP himself and the member all in the back staircase and throughout the seats at ringside. Looks like falls count anywhere in this one. Bobby completely dominates MVP for the better part of the segment, but MVP gets a little bit of a breather when the dumps appear en route and then hits him with one of the heavy ringside chairs. MVP gets tripped up on one of the railings and root gets back to work, dumping MVP on the floor outside of the ring. With chairs, sweat, and beer all over the place, this one's looking like an old-school ECW match. MVP goes for a pin fall outside of the ring and Bobby kicks out at two. More brawling ensues and Kenny King & Eric Young join the fray momentarily. Roode and MVP eventually make it back into the ring and MVP gets the upper hand on Roode with the assistance of a folding chair. Roode manages to come back to life, though, and turns it all around, unleashing a torrent of offense on MVP. He ultimately locks in the sharpshooter, exploiting MVP's bad leg and MVP taps, giving Roode the win. The live crowd approves.

Result: Roode defeats MVP via submission.

The guys in the truck roll a recap of last weeks Hardy/Lashley fracas and we have commercial sign.

Back from the break, Jeff Hardy cuts a promo saying we haven't seen the last of Willow but then goes on to discuss what he'd like to accomplish as plain old Jeff Hardy. The crowd starts chanting for Matt and Jeff runs with it, welcoming his bro back to TNA. Matt tells us that he's much healthier mentally and physically and apologizes for letting anyone down in the past. Truth be told, it's a pretty good promo and just what Matt Hardy needed to get some credibility back with mainstream fans. Matt also expresses an interest in going after the TNA tag team titles and the folks in the Manhattan Center seem to be on board. Matt calls the Wolves out to the ring and while the champs initially seem underwhelmed at the challenge, they agree to face the Hardys for the titles at Destination X and all the men shake hands and make nice to end the segment.

Before the break, Mike Tenay announces an NYC Street Fight for later in the evening, hitting Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer against EC3, Rhino and Rockstar Spud. There's also a teaser for Austin Aries and his plans for the X-Division title. Let's watch some commercials.

Back again, The BroMans and DJ Zema Ion are drawing some serious heat with all kinds of dudebro puffery and neon regalia. Zema puyts the fans on notice that he's the King of New York and gets peppered with boos.

Low Ki vs. Zema Ion

Low Ki comes out and steps into the six-sided ring for a match with "DJ Z" and all joking aside about Ion's shtick, this one seems pretty promising. Indeed, the fight is fast-paced with some good spots until Low Ki drops Ion with a high cradle and gets the pin. Merciful Minerva, Low Ki is back in the X Division with a roar!

Result: Low Ki defeats Zema Ion via pinfall.

Tenay plugs a Knockouts Championship match for tonight in which Taryn Terrell challenges Gail Kim for the strap. After the commercials, Magnus and Bram take on Anderson and Gunner. Backstage, Anderson and Gunner talk about their forthcoming match and Gunner has Sam Shaw along for the ride. Anderson is less than amused. Now, let's see what kind of movies and restaurants want our business…

After the commercials, Team Dixie is hanging out in the back festooned in blue and black. Dixie introduced King Mo to the guys which is moderately exciting except that these MMA crossovers seldom end well in TNA. But don't think about that right now. Just take it easy and enjoy Bram and Magnus taking on Gunner and Anderson. Speaking of Anderson, he gets the mic dropped before the match and shows TNA folks how to cut a gigantic, over-the-top promo. Kinda funny to see Anderson toss the mic to Gunner to cap off that brief bit of hoopla.

Anderson and Gunner vs. Magnus and Bram

As all four guys get ready to rumble, the crowd chants "U.S.A." even though there are no real nationalistic undertones in this particular angle. Bram and Gunner mix it up and Gunner shows that the turnbuckles don't pose the slightest threat to him bu pounding his own noggin into them a few times. The big beards hit each other hard and then they both end up crawling to their partners, bringing Magnus and Anderson back in. Both guys can totally go but this time around, Anderson gains a quick advantage. Anderson ends up outside and Bram gets involved, bouncing Ken off the ringpost and tossing him back in. Magnus hits a finisher and grabs the pin. Bram comes in for a little post-match beatdown before Gunner gets involved and a melee follows. As Gunner is laid out, Bram gets that turnbuckle thingy and looks like he's ready to cave in Gunner's skull but Sam Shaw takes the shot instead. Bram persists beating up Gunner until Abyss arrives on the scene and knocks the brazen Brit for a loop. It's looking like a Bran and Abyss feud could be on the horizon and that could be a good thing for wrestling fans.

Result: Magnus and Bram defeat Anderson and Gunner via pinfall.

Aries heads to the ring with his title and we have commercial sign.

After TNA pays some bills we're backstage with Team Bully as he talks at length about his dream of putting Dixie through a table. Then we get a look at a decent video package regarding Aries' pursuit of the TNA title. Kurt Angle is now in the house to drop some wrestling wisdom on the Manhattan Center crowd. Angle talks up Destination X and then Aries emerges to discuss "Option C". Angle reminds folks that everyone who cashes in the X-Division title for a shot at the world title wins the gets the gold and he invites Aries to hand it over. Aries seems less than sure to turn over the title but he's cut off by Lashley's entrance theme. The TNA champ steps into the ring accompanied by MVP who looks to be handling Lashley's speaking parts for this segment. MVP kinda, sort gives Aries some strokes but pretty much says A-Double doesn't have a chance to beat Lashley and he encourages Aries to stay in the X-Division. Aries says he knows what it takes to be the heavyweight champ and he points out that his relationship with MVP this time around has been less than stellar. After a little more jaw-jacking, Aries turns the X-Division strap over to Angle, books himself into a title match next week against Lashley and says he'll be a fighting champion after he wins the world title. It's a promising title match, for sure.

Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell are next after these important messages.

Taryn Terrell vs. Gail Kim

After a recap of the Hardys and Wolves segment, Taryn bounces out for her title shot and Gail Kim gets a nice welcome from the crowd. The ladies get busy with some solid grappling and it looks like a fairly even matchup. Terell gets a near fall after coming off the top rope and she assumes general control over the pace of the match for about a hot second. After landing some offense of her own, Gail gets a near fall and stays on top after Terrell kicks out. Terrell struggles a little bit to keep but gets something of a rest after both woman: I didn't center of the room and end up on their backs for a bit. Thoreau unleashes a flurry of punches and knocks him down a few times, landing on oppressive snap suplex. She takes to the air once again and looks like she might have this one in hand, but the match is broken up by the Beautif People who take Terrell out of action and lay Gail Kim out before hamming it up as they walk back down the ramp.

Result: The match ends as a new finish due to interference by the Beautiful People.

On the other side of the break, it looks like a legend will be front and center before the TNA faithful.

After the break, Dixie is talking to somebody on her cell phone was apparently on his or her way to the venue. She tells King Mo that it's time to take their seats, presumably at ringside.

The Great Muta vs. Robbie E

Back in the arena, The Great Muta emerges to a smattering of applause and on the unceremonious "welcome" from Robbie E. After Robbie gets done disrespecting Muta, the bell ring for their match. Robbie gets a few licks in early, but he eventually ends up with a face full of green most and Muta proceeds to put him into a world of hurt. Muta then ends up getting the pin on Robbie E.

Result: The Great Muta defeats Robbie E. via pinfall.

Cowboy James Storm saunters into the arena with a microphone and verbally relieves himself all over Muta. Storm sounds pretty good on mic and it sounds like he's going to come up with a good jab at Muta but he just can't come up with anything that rhymes with "Muta" so Storm just refers to the legend as "The Great...Fraud." Eh. Swing and a miss, Cowboy. Storm spits a mouthful of brewsky in Muta's face and knocks him out but Sanada comes out, ostensibly for the save. After Storm beats feet out of the ring, Sanada turns on Muta and levels him with a chair, spits red mist into some other dude's face and exits the area with his bestie Storm. Big things poppin' over here, folks.

After the commercial, it's main event time.

TNA reminds us that Destination X is coming and there will be all kinds of big matches on that particular card. But we still have to get through tonight and Dixie chats at ringside with Jeremy Borash. She's joined by King Mo who threatens to mess up Borash's pretty face if he says the letters "E-C-W." Dixie also says she'll let Mo kick Borash's "butt" which just sounds weird.

Bully Ray, Devon and Tommy Dreamer vs. Rhino, EC3 and Rockstar Spud

The street fight starts after some introductions. Lots of weapons make their appearance at ringside. Team Bully looks like they're all over this one as we head into another break.

After those all-important blipverts, we're back in the ring and things are getting extreme. Bully takes the cheese grater to EC3's chest as the New York fans chant "We want blood!" The ring is already full of trash can lids and other crazy crap. Spud backs Devon into the corner but it's all a ruse and Team 3D takes the little dude apart. Don't ever say that Spud can't hang with the tough spots, y'all. Dreamer gets EC3 on the "tree of woe" and smashes a trash can across his pretty face by way of a baseball slide as Bully and Devon keep Rhino out of commission. Team 3D is giving the crowd everything they expect so far. Devon gets a table out from under the ring but there's a momentary disruption when a hooded dude (who looks a lot like Gene Snitsky takes a shot at Brother Devon and Bully Ray gets involved. Back in the ring, Dreamer is dividing his time and attention between annihilating Spud and destroying EC3. But the fix is in when Big Zeke storms the ring and lays out Dreamer, allowing Ec3 to get the pin.

Result: Team Dixie defeats Team Bully; Ethan Carter pins Tommy Dreamer after interference by Big Zeke.

Dixie comes to the ring to gloat and she's accompanied by King Mo. Her team continues to take apart Bully and his pals and at the end of it all, her new faction – bigger and more powerful than ever – stands tall among the carnage as the show fades to black.

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