TNA Impact Wrestling Results: Big Return, Roode Vs. MVP, Team Dixie Adds New Members

Welcome to's live coverage and results for TNA Impact Wrestling. Tonight's show was taped in New York City, home of every virtually picante sauce except for Pace.

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On this date in wrestling history in 1995, Kenta Kobashi and Akira Taue fought to a draw after 30 minutes of competition at the AJPW show at Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The Great Muta wasn't on that card but we have it on good authority he is in the house for tonight's show and that sure seems encouraging.

Tonight's show opens with a look at Aries backstage and a recap of the most recent events in Bully's quest to put Dixie through a table. We're also reminded that Devon came back to TNA last episode. Back in the Manhattan Center, Christy Hemme is in the center of the ring, standing tall amidst a raucous reception from the Manhattan Center crowd.

Bobby Roode vs. MVP

Bobby Roode is introduced first and then his opponent MVP, hobbles out on crutches and tells an official that he will not participate in tonight's match. Roode makes his way down the ramp and fetches MVP himself and the member all in the back staircase and throughout the seats at ringside. Looks like falls count anywhere in this one. Bobby completely dominates MVP for the better part of the segment, but MVP gets a little bit of a breather when the dumps appear en route and then hits him with one of the heavy ringside chairs. MVP gets tripped up on one of the railings and root gets back to work, dumping MVP on the floor outside of the ring. With chairs, sweat, and beer all over the place, this one's looking like an old-school ECW match. MVP goes for a pin fall outside of the ring and Bobby kicks out at two. More brawling ensues and Kenny King & Eric Young join the fray momentarily. Roode and MVP eventually make it back into the ring and MVP gets the upper hand on Roode with the assistance of a folding chair. Roode manages to come back to life, though, and turns it all around, unleashing a torrent of offense on MVP. He ultimately locks in the sharpshooter, exploiting MVP's bad leg and MVP taps, giving Roode the win. The live crowd approves.

Result: Roode defeats MVP via submission.

The guys in the truck roll a recap of last weeks Hardy/Lashley fracas and we have commercial sign.

Back from the break, Jeff Hardy cuts a promo saying we haven't seen the last of Willow but then goes on to discuss what he'd like to accomplish as plain old Jeff Hardy. The crowd starts chanting for Matt and Jeff runs with it, welcoming his bro back to TNA. Matt tells us that he's much healthier mentally and physically and apologizes for letting anyone down in the past. Truth be told, it's a pretty good promo and just what Matt Hardy needed to get some credibility back with mainstream fans. Matt also expresses an interest in going after the TNA tag team titles and the folks in the Manhattan Center seem to be on board. Matt calls the Wolves out to the ring and while the champs initially seem underwhelmed at the challenge, they agree to face the Hardys for the titles at Destination X and all the men shake hands and make nice to end the segment.

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