The Rock's 12 Most Legendary WWE Moments (#4-1)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is arguably the most successful wrestler who ever lived. After his successful stint in pro wrestling, in which he most recently won the WWE Championship in 2013, he shifted into the world of Hollywood where he is now known as one of the most top grossing actors in the entire industry.

The Rock stars in Hercules, which released today. The myth that surrounds the Greek demigod is that he had to overcome 12 labors, which is fitting for our feature on one of WWE's greatest legends.

Wrestling Inc. is proud to give you The Rock's 12 Greatest Moments In WWE History, counting down the top moments of his wrestling career.

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Without further ado, here is our third and final installment, where we count down numbers 4 to 1:

4. The Rock Returns To Help Mick Foley vs. La Resistance

What made the Rock n' Sock Connection -- the beloved tag team consisting of The Rock and Mankind -- so great was the fact that Foley idolized "Rocky," while Johnson's character was almost repulsed by his partner. Foley would try to emulate The Rock's catchphrases and moves, while being ridiculed and threated by "The People's Champion."

On an episode of Raw in December 2003, La Resistance had cornered Foley, ready to pounce on him to deliver a beating. Before they could get their hands on the shaggy superstar, The Rock's music hit and the Anaheim crowd went absolutely berserk for the returning legend.

It seems like back then, Johnson's returns were hard to come by, seeing how many times he's come back since his departure for Hollywood. Still, "The Great One" doesn't skip a beat when making his presence felt, and instead, has the hearts of the fandom skip a few beats. This return was special, since his comeback was somewhat unexpected, and the way he mocked both Rene Dupree and Rob Conway was quite unique and patriotic.

3. The Rock Joins Mankind For "This Is Your Life"

When The Rock couldn't handle Mankind any further, the latter decided to host a birthday party for his tag team partner after feeding him "Mr. Socko" the previous evening at Unforgiven 1999. The Rock's birthday was actually in May.

Mankind wanted to prove that he was sorry, and decided to bring back several people of The Rock's past to make it up to him. Little did Mankind know, The Rock was in no mood to make nice with those individuals who had wronged him while he was growing up. The Rock blamed himself for the loss at the pay-per-view, and despite telling his partner he had a title match later that evening, Mankind pulled some tricks out of his bag.

Mrs. Betty Griffith, The Rock's sixth grade home economics teacher, was kicked out of the ring because of her reluctance to allow "Rocky" to make pancakes. Then came Coach Hart, who punished the star for attacking the quarterback, and took him out of the game. After telling Hart to stick the whistle in one of his preferred places, out came Joanne, The Rock's high school sweetheart. "Rocky" gave her the boot, too, for cutting him off on second base. Finally, Mankind summoned Yurple The Clown, after giving his partner a matching jacket and his own personal "Mr. Rocko." That didn't turn out so swell, either.

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