- Forbes reports that while Hercules will be debuting this weekend at the #2 spot at the U.S. box office behind Lucy, it is a hit and is doing much better than expected. The movie earned $11.05 million last night, of which $2.1 million is from Thursday previews. The movie should finish the weekend with $30 million. The article added that it's Dwayne Johnson's "biggest 'all by myself' debut weekend since his breakout in The Scorpion King ($36m) back in 2002, which had the bonus of being a Mummy Returns spin-off."

- Dread Central spoke to Hornswoggle at Comic-Con this past week about his upcoming Leprechaun movie. Hornswoggle noted that the ending of the movie is somewhat open-ended.

"Yep, there might be more coming!," Hornswoggle said. "In terms of coming back for another, I would only want to work with [director] Zach [Lipovsky] on it. He's incredible... so giving and so wanting of my input. Working with him was my favorite part of portraying Leprechaun, working on his movements and mannerisms. I think fans are really gonna love this. It's like a total roller coaster. You guys are gonna be quite surprised."

- CBS Sports has an article here about the Calgary Hitmen honoring co-founder Bret Hart with the throwback jersey below (more photos are here):

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