Jonathan Snowden of Bleacher Report recently spoke with Paul Heyman to promote his new DVD. Here are a few highlights from the interview:

B/R: You say you haven't seen your own Blu-ray yet. I have—amazing. It's the best documentary WWE has ever done on any of their talent. Everyone's life is a series of highs and lows, but usually these things are really glossy. They leave out the lows all together. What made you decide to open up about everything?

Heyman: Unlike Frank Sinatra, I have no regrets in my life. Zero. Whatever hardships I have faced, or have caused myself, are moments I have to embrace in order to move forward. I have no problem coming to grips with either the highs or lows in my life.

It's not a compelling story when someone bats a thousand or if they consistently pitch a perfect game. Adversity, as I once said on Monday Night Raw, and I did hear Vince McMahon's father say this, "adversity defines a man in his darkest hour." And I strongly believe that.

I'm very proud of the worst moments of my life. Because I'm still here today to talk about them.

B/R: We've been delving into the past, but I like to be forward looking and I know you do too. I've been trying to think of what's next for Paul Heyman? Where can he leave his imprint on this business, what can he do that he hasn't done before? It strikes me that women's wrestling is the place. There was always a rumor that All Japan Women were coming to ECW and it never happened. With the success of Ronda Rousey in the UFC and the bright young crop of talent lurking in the WWE system, will we see you explore this area? Is this something new for Paul Heyman to sink his teeth into?

Heyman: I'll give you two answers. Number one—forever the pay-per-view industry has been looking for the next Mike Tyson. They have found it. And the next Mike Tyson is Ronda Rousey.

Ronda Rousey is a box-office attraction for UFC the likes of which they've never had. And that's because she's so fascinating. The mainstream media won't get enough of her for years. There's no saturation point with her. She's never going to be complacent. She's a phenomenal attraction who keeps getting better with every fight.

I think my contribution to this industry in the next year, and this will sound like a lot of hype but it's not, will be the work that I do with Brock Lesnar. We are both driven, not only to cement our legacies, but to insure the body of work that we compile in this next series of matches and this next run will be the career-defining year of Brock Lesnar.

I'm attached to his hip. I've been riding Brock's coattails now for 12 years. As John Cena said on television, 40 men have held the WWE championship. Only one man has broken the streak.

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