NXT opens with Tyler Breeze making his entrance. Byron Saxton, Renee Young, and Tom Phillips are on commentary.

Tyler Breeze vs. Angelo Dawkins

Dawkins takes Breeze to the mat. Breeze kicks Dawkins and stomps him in the corner. He tosses Dawkins to the outside. Breeze follows and slams Dawkins's head into the barrier. He rolls Dawkins back inside and hits multiple elbows to the back of the head. Breeze hits the beauty shot for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Breeze checks his face on his phone and tosses Dawkins out of the ring. He picks up a mic and says that he didn't even plan to come out and have a match. He just came out to show the crowd this. He points at the screen, and Breeze attacking Neville during his match last week is shown.

Actually, he didn't want to show that, but it was hilarious. He actually wanted to make an announcement. He's going to give everyone a chance to tweet about it. They've all wanted it, and he's finally submitted his music video for Oscar consideration in the documentary category. He says the crowd wants to see it, so how about they show it again.

Adrian Neville's music hits, and he comes out on the stage. Neville says he doesn't want to watch the music video. He comes down to the ring and asks when Tyler is going to let him defend his title and beat him. Breeze says he's getting a call from the director of "The Hobbit," and Neville is needed back on set.

Neville says that's funny, because he just got a snapshot from Tyler's mom. It turns out Tyler isn't the only member of the Breeze family that likes to send selfies. Breeze swings at Neville, and Neville kicks Breeze several times. Breeze escapes up the ramp.

Then, Jo-Jo is backstage with Natalya. She asks Natalya about Adam Rose returning to NXT, and Natalya says she's excited. Tyson Kidd walks up and calls Rose a clown. He says that Rose has squandered all his chances. Natalya calls Kidd a lemon, and Kidd issues a challenge to Rose if he has the rosebuds to face him.

Back from commercial and commentary announces a tag team championship tournament to crown a new number 1 contender. It starts next week. Then, Charlotte makes her entrance.

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch

They lock up. Charlotte flings Lynch to the mat. Charlotte hits a snapmare. Lynch hits Charlotte in the stomach and lands a side headlock takedown. Charlotte rolls through and kicks Lynch. Lynch kicks Charlotte in the chest. Charlotte hits a forearm to the face. She slams Lynch's leg to the mat and tosses her. Charlotte kicks Lynch's thigh several times. She goes to work on Lynch's leg, locking it in several different ways. Lynch kicks herself free.

Charlotte takes out Lynch's knee. She sets Lynch up in the corner and kicks her thigh. Charlotte clubs Lynch in the back and goes for the cover. Lynch kicks out. Charlotte goes back to work on Lynch's leg. Lynch counters into a rollup attempt. She clotheslines Charlotte. Lynch hits a dropkick and a leg drop. Charlotte hits Lynch in the knee and follows up with bow down to the queen for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

Then, Jo-Jo is backstage with Mojo Rawley. She says she heard Mojo is looking for a tag team partner and asks if he has anyone in mind. Mojo says it doesn't matter who it is as long as he's hyped. He says it should be her, team Mojo Jo-Jo. Bull Dempsey walks up and suggests they team up. Mojo shakes his head yes, and Bull says he better not screw it up for him or he will feel his wrath. .

Back from commercial and the Ascension makes their entrance.

The Ascension vs. Steve Cutler and Mac Miles

Cutler and Viktor start off. Cutler locks in a side headlock. Viktor shoves him off and hits a back elbow. Konnor tags in. He hits Cutler with a pair of shoulder tackles. Viktor tags in and they double shoulder block Cutler. He slams Cutler in the corner and chops him. Konnor tags in and hits a clothesline off the top rope. Viktor tags in and hits Miles off the apron. They hit Cutler with the fall of man for the win.

Winners: The Ascension

Viktor takes up a mic and says they're the longest reigning champs in NXT history. Now, they're holding a tournament to find the number one contenders. He believes everyone knows what the victims' fate will be. Konnor takes the mic and says total annihilation.

Back from commercial and a CJ Parker hype video is shown. It shows the events that have transpired between Parker and Xavier Woods in the past few weeks. Then, Mojo Rawley makes his entrance.

Mojo Rawley and Bull Dempsey vs. The Mechanics (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder)

Bull and Dawson start off. They tie up, and Dawson locks in Bull's arm. Bull shoves him away. They tie up again, and Bull backs Dawson to his corner. Mojo tags in. He and Dawson lock up. Mojo locks in Dawson's arm and hits several shoulder tackles. Dawson fights free. Dash and Dawson exchange quick tags. Dash slams Mojo's arm to the mat and locks it in. Mojo gets free and rams Dash into the corner. He hits Dash with a running splash in the corner. Bull tags in, and Mojo hits Dash with another splash. Bull hits the bulldozer for the win.

Winners: Mojo Rawley and Bull Dempsey

Then, Rich Brennan is backstage with Bayley. He asks about the breakup of the BFFs. Bayley says that she was happy to see them breakup because they have been mean to her. She says that she has beaten Charlotte. If she had a title shot.... Charlotte walks up. She says that just because Bayley stole a win doesn't mean she deserves a title shot. She isn't genetically superior, and she doesn't want to humiliate her. She tells Bayley it's in her best interests not to mention her name again. Charlotte walks away.

Back from commercial and Adam Rose makes his entrance.

Adam Rose vs. Tyson Kidd (with Natalya)

Rose trips Kidd and goes for a pin. Kidd kicks out. Rose locks in Kidd's arm. Kidd goes to the ropes, and Rose spanks him towards the corner. Kidd stares at Rose. Rose gets out of the ring and offers Natalya a lollipop, and she puts it in her mouth. Rose gets back in the ring. Kidd exits and gets mad at Natalya for taking the lollipop. He gets back inside and slams Rose's head into the corner. Kidd hits several strikes. Rose reverses and hits multiple strikes to the head. He mule kicks Kidd in the chest several times. Rose hits a snap suplex.

Rose drops several elbows and a knee on Kidd. Kidd rolls outside. Rose follows and drops Kidd face first onto the apron. He gets back inside and baseball slide kicks Kidd.

Back from commercial and Rose has Kidd's arm locked in. Kidd fights free and kicks Rose. He clotheslines Rose over the top rope. Kidd runs Rose's head into the ring post, and then whips him into the post again. Kidd sends Rose inside and goes for the cover. Kidd chokes Rose with his shin. He drops a leg on the back of Rose's head. Kidd locks in Rose's head from behind. Rose gets to his feet. He locks in a sleeper, but Kidd drops to the mat. It sends Rose out of the ring. Kidd rolls Rose back inside.

Kidd hangs Rose from the corner and attacks his chest. He exits the ring and pulls Rose's neck. Kidd gets back in the ring and kicks Rose's stomach. Rose falls off the corner. Kidd hits a back elbow. He locks Rose's head in from behind on the mat. Rose fights out with a back suplex. Rose charges at Kidd and knocks him down. He hits Kidd with several shots to the head. Rose hits a clothesline in the corner. He follows up with a spine buster to Kidd.

Rose signals for the party foul. Kidd counters into a sharpshooter attempt, but Rose gets to the ropes. Kidd slingshots Rose into the ropes, and Rose falls to the outside. Kidd goes to the apron and kicks Rose. He sends Rose back inside. Kidd picks up the lollipop and says stuff to Natalya about it. Rose locks in an inside cradle out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Adam Rose

Kidd jerks his arm away from Natalya when she tries to comfort him as the show ends.

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