WWE SmackDown Results: Jericho Vs. Rowan, Ambrose Vs. Kane & Rollins, More

WWE SmackDown Results: Jericho Vs. Rowan, Ambrose Vs. Kane & Rollins, More

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Welcome to WrestlingINC.com's live coverage and results for SmackDown. Tonight's show was taped on Corpus Christi, Texas, birthplace of the late Farrah Fawcett.

Please spread word of our viewing party and complete results via Facebook and Twitter. If you're living in Prohibition-era America, go down the back alley behind the used tire store on Fourth Street. Knock three times and ask for Lenny. When the doorman comes to the peephole and asks for the password, tell him "Check out WrestlingINC.com's live viewing party and full results for tonight's SmackDown." After he welcomes you inside and offers you a drink, ask for a Singapore Sling but tell them to go easy on the strychnine. Too much of that stuff and you'll go blind—and then you'll miss tonight's show! Onward…

On this date in wrestling history, in 1994, Bob Backlund defeated Kevin Kreuger via submission in the main event of WWF's Monday Night Raw. Hard to believe that was 20 years ago. It's unlikely that we'll see a cross-face chicken wing in tonight's main event but Y2J is on the card and he's been known to make dudes tap out so we'll see if he can borrow a page from Backlund's book when he collides with Erick Rowan later tonight.

Tonight's show begins with the typical hullabaloo; you know, rap music, pyrotechnics and all that. The Real Americans' music hits and Jack Swagger and Zeb emerged waving a huge American flag. We get a recap of their confrontation with the Russian contingent from Monday night and then we're back to the regular show. Cue the music for Cesaro and it looks like we have a reunion of sorts for Jack and his former teammate.

Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger

After the bell, Cesaro shows some technical skill and Swagger responds accordingly. The crowd starts a "USA" chant and they're egged on by Jack and Zeb. Cesaro gets a leg up on Jack (literally) as he nails his corn-fed rival with a giant boot. The King of Swing stays on top with a big mess of offense for the better part of a few minutes. Swagger eventually turns things around with a few big moves and lays out Swagger but Jack's attempt at a subsequent "Swagger Bomb" is blocked by his opponent and the Yankee Doodle ends up outside as we head to a commercial.

Back in progress, Cesaro goes for a superplex on Swagger and is blocked. He is still able to try and get Jack in position for a pin but it's just a near fall. Cole sells Cesaro as "relentless" even as Swagger is shifting momentum in his favor. Jack goes for the cover but also comes up short. The two competitors ratchet up the pace of the match and Cesaro hits Swagger a few more times before turning his attention to Zeb. Swagger capitalizes on the distraction and catches his rival in an ankle lock, prompting Cesaro to tap. Poor Cesaro can't even muster a post-match beatdown on Swagger.

Result: Swagger defeats Cesaro via submission.

After Jack tosses Cesaro, Rusev and Lana come out to talk some more trash and sing the praises of Putin. Lana says that Rusev challenges Swagger to a "flag match" at SummerSlam. Zeb accepts on behalf of every American and vigorous banner waving ensues from both camps.

Cole touts the main event between Chris Jericho and Erick Rowan later tonight and we get a backstage peek at Randy Orton as he heads to the ring. Time for a break.

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