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On this date in wrestling history, in 1994, Bob Backlund defeated Kevin Kreuger via submission in the main event of WWF's Monday Night Raw. Hard to believe that was 20 years ago. It's unlikely that we'll see a cross-face chicken wing in tonight's main event but Y2J is on the card and he's been known to make dudes tap out so we'll see if he can borrow a page from Backlund's book when he collides with Erick Rowan later tonight.

Tonight's show begins with the typical hullabaloo; you know, rap music, pyrotechnics and all that. The Real Americans' music hits and Jack Swagger and Zeb emerged waving a huge American flag. We get a recap of their confrontation with the Russian contingent from Monday night and then we're back to the regular show. Cue the music for Cesaro and it looks like we have a reunion of sorts for Jack and his former teammate.

Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger

After the bell, Cesaro shows some technical skill and Swagger responds accordingly. The crowd starts a "USA" chant and they're egged on by Jack and Zeb. Cesaro gets a leg up on Jack (literally) as he nails his corn-fed rival with a giant boot. The King of Swing stays on top with a big mess of offense for the better part of a few minutes. Swagger eventually turns things around with a few big moves and lays out Swagger but Jack's attempt at a subsequent "Swagger Bomb" is blocked by his opponent and the Yankee Doodle ends up outside as we head to a commercial.

Back in progress, Cesaro goes for a superplex on Swagger and is blocked. He is still able to try and get Jack in position for a pin but it's just a near fall. Cole sells Cesaro as "relentless" even as Swagger is shifting momentum in his favor. Jack goes for the cover but also comes up short. The two competitors ratchet up the pace of the match and Cesaro hits Swagger a few more times before turning his attention to Zeb. Swagger capitalizes on the distraction and catches his rival in an ankle lock, prompting Cesaro to tap. Poor Cesaro can't even muster a post-match beatdown on Swagger.

Result: Swagger defeats Cesaro via submission.

After Jack tosses Cesaro, Rusev and Lana come out to talk some more trash and sing the praises of Putin. Lana says that Rusev challenges Swagger to a "flag match" at SummerSlam. Zeb accepts on behalf of every American and vigorous banner waving ensues from both camps.

Cole touts the main event between Chris Jericho and Erick Rowan later tonight and we get a backstage peek at Randy Orton as he heads to the ring. Time for a break.

WWE pays a few bills and we returned to find Randy Orton in the center of the ring complaining that he should be fighting for the title at Summer Slam. Orton blames Roman Reigns for his misfortune and we get a recap of Orton's sneak attack on Reigns from Monday night. Back in the ring, The Viper dares Roman Reigns to step into the ring against him at Summer Slam and it sounds like that match is officially on the card.

The guys in the truck provide a brief recap of the impetus of the Brie Bella/Stephanie McMahon feud just in case the astronauts on the International Space Station haven't seen it yet. We're told that Rollins and Kane will meet Ambrose in a handicap match later tonight and we have commercial sign.

R-Truth vs. Bo Dallas

The WWE Rewind revisits R-Truth's shocking victory over Bo Dallas from Monday night and after that's over, we find Truth in the ring ready for a rematch. Bo Dallas looks like he is in fine spirits as he makes his way to the ring and after some quiet reflection in the spotlight, the bell rings and Dallas offers R-Truth a handshake but truth refuses the gesture. Looks like he's still mad about having his victory celebration squashed by his jealous rival. Truth is all over Dallas for the first minute or so but Bo manages to meet Truth's attack with some offense and the fight eventually evens out. But after some back and forth action, Dallas comes unglued and ends up destroying R-Truth in the corner, losing by disqualification when he refuses to let Truth up. Truth stays on the mat as Dallas tells the crowd that it's still okay to "Bo-Lieve" in him. The crowd ain't buying what he's selling.

Result: Bo Dallas loses to R-Truth via DQ.

We'll see AJ in action in a little bit but first let's watch some pizza ads and PSAs.

AJ vs. Rosa Mendes

After some coming attractions from SyFy, AJ skips out to square off against Rosa Mendes and we get a recap of her dust-up with Paige on Monday night. The match starts and Rosa taps out in the blink of an eye. AJ heads back down the ramp, pauses to part company with fans and she is attacked by Paige who yealls that they're still pals. Who's the crazy one now, fans?

Result: AJ wins via submission after Rosa taps to the Black Widow

Ambrose provides a backstage promo about his match with Rollins and Kane later on. That one's next after these important messages.

Dean Ambrose vs. Kane and Seth Rollins

Okay, the show is back and once all three guys are in the ring, it's go time. Well, maybe after another recap. Then it's really go time. The bell rings and Kane starts, taking the fight to Ambrose. Rollins tags in but Ambrose fights back and Seth brings Kane back in. Ambrose gets a huge helping of ringpost and he's out of commission again, allowing Rollins to tag in and double-team Dean. Kane steps out and Roillins stays on top for a stretch until he takes a breather and tags in Kane. After a shortexchange, Rollins ends up back in the ring and laid out by Ambrose. Kane gets Ambrose on to the floor and goes back in to check on Set and Rollins comes back in, this time with a chair. Dean takes out Kane and Rollins with the chair before Kane finally takes him out with a boot. He tries to follow up with a chokeslam but Ambrose blocks it and lands a DDT Rollins retreats in the melee and Dean lets out the rest of his frustrations on Kane.

Result: Kane and Rollins wins after Ambrose is DQ'ed.

Backstage, Jericho watches a recap of his recent issues with the Wyatts and he says that he'll beat Rowan tonight to have him banned from the ring at Summer Slam. He's ready to rumble but it's time for a commercial.

After some more ethereal silliness from the Rhodes brothers, Fandango is dancing up a storm in anticipation of a match with Diego. Diego hits the ramp with Layla, Summe Rae and Torito which is an entourage that is now almost the size of Adam Rose's "Rosebud" contingent. Thankfully, we are treated to a recap of the Fandago/Diego meeting from Monday night.

Fandango vs. Diego

Fandango hits Diego with a move or three and Diego manages to stay in the match but there are distractions a-plenty outside, first by Torito and then by Summer Rae and Layla who dance the Tango. Fandango stops fighting and watches the ladies and Diego lands a back stabber and gets the three-count. That's all she wrote.

Result: Diego defeats Fandango via pinfall.

The SmackDown folks re-rack the dueling promos from Cena and Heyman on Monday night and then we pause for refreshment.

Following a bevy of blipverts, The Miz is at the announce table and Del Rio is in the ring awaiting tonight's opponent.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler's music hits and he's pumped for the match. ADR lands the first blow but Ziggler comes back with some decent offense. He doesn't stay on top for long, though, as Del Rio puts Ziggy down and keeps him on the mat looking for a slow but decisive choke-out. Ziggler gets out of it, though and peppers ADR with some quick blows. ADR stays in the hunt, nailing a beatiful German suplex. Ziggler kicks out and Miz takes to the mic and cuts another "acceptance speech" promo, offering a distratction that almost costs Dolph the match. After he's heard enough, Dolph jumps out of the ring and chases off Miz but when he climbs back into the squared circle, ADR gets him in the cross-arm breaker, Ziggler taps and it's all academic from here.

Result: ADR defeats Ziggler by submission.

We'll get a full recap of Brie's face-off with Steph after some commercials.

Indeed, we get the full crash course of the continuing saga Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon, blow by blow and we're also reminded that the two will meet in the ring at Summer Slam, which means…y'know, more recaps of the same stuff. We also see a WWE.com interview with Brie in whci she says she'll humiliate Steph at Summer Slam.

The Wyatts make their entrance. Could it be time for the main event with so much airtime left in the show? Bray talks from The Rocker, waxing philosophical about Y2J's determination. After a decent promo, we head back to commercials.

Chris Jericho vs. Erick Rowan

Jericho enters the ring area following his usual fanfare. All three Wyatts are in the ring looking back at him but Bray and Luke end up stepping out so that things can commence. Rowan barrels at Y2J after the bell and gets all up in the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, Jericho slides out to get his bearings but Rowan is still full of momentum when Y2J resumes the fight. Jericho finally makes a little progress, kicking Rowan to the floor and following up with a baseball slide. Harper tries to get involved on the outside and the ref ejects Luke from ringside. Things are looking up for Jericho and we're ready for another breather.

Off the break, Roan has things well in hand as JBL offers an abbreviated review of Y2J's accomplishments in the ring. It's a pretty slow affair with Rown keeping Jericho on the mat for a lot of hurty, twisty moves. Jericho grabs a fistful of intestinal fortitude and pushes back, eventually getting to the point of a near fall. Both guys battle back and forth, to and fro, and all the live-long dat and whatnot. Neither guy can sink the pink, though, and Bray is getting pretty fired up from his seat. Rowan makes it back up and runs over Jericho and then hoists him up on the ropes, teasing a devastating move to end it. Jericho gets out of it and comes down on Rowan, only to be met with a giant foot to the anterior of his cranium (that's his face). Rowan shakes Jericho around like a sack of baby potatoes but Y2J is somehow able to summon one more comeback and he lands a surprise Codebreaker that puts Rowan out for the count.

Result: Chris Jericho defeats Erick Rowan by pinfall.

Bray and Chris stare each other down for a few seconds until Bray shakes it off and walks away laughing. Fade to black and this one's officially in the can.

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