Thanks to Wrestling Inc. readers spider03man and Jeffrey Sarver for sending in these reports from last night's WWE live event in San Antonio:

From Jeffrey Sarver:

I had the pleasure of going to both the Chris Jericho f.y.e. autograph signing and sat front row at the San Antonio Freeman Coliseum show tonight. 

Lets start with the signing.  We got there and was informed that we had to buy the latest Fozzy CD to get a wristband for Jericho to autograph anything.  I thought we, me and my 8 y.o. son, were lucky because they only had one cd left.  To ensure my son had something a bit more kid friendly, having never listened to Fozzy, I also bought WM25 so he'd have something to keep.  When we finally got to see Jericho, an associate named "Joseph" proceeded to tell me that only one of us could meet Jericho because we only bought one cd.  When explained that we bought an additional item and asked to explain why an 8 y.o. would have to buy a cd, he responded that it was corporate policy.  Meanwhile Jericho sat and watched this all go down.  After a quick Sophie's Choice, I decided to let my son meet Jericho, who kindly signed both items.  Before I left I asked for f.y.e.'s corporate number and was given an out of service number by "Joseph".

As for the show at the Freeman, there was seven matches and the arena was about half full with maybe 30% of the cheap seats filled. I was in the front row across from the ramp and was part of a very obnoxious, very pro-heel row.  They gave us the opportunity to vote on Fandango and Kofi Kingston having either a match or a dance-off (wild guess what we got).  We were also informed that Cena was not there, but the house PA  system that they used was so poor that it was hard to make anything said on the mic out.

Usos v. Harper and Rowan for WWE Tag Team Championship

Usos were very over with everyone but us and fed off the crowd.  Harper and Rowan managed to keep Usos grounded, despite teasing the crowd with the twin plancha which the Wyatts walked up the ramp to avoid. In the end the Usos pick up the clean win and retain the belts.

The Miz v. R-Truth

I saw a tweet earlier talking about Dolph Ziggler and The Miz in San Angelo so maybe someone on the @wwe account forgot where the Miz was going to be tonight.  The match had a slow start with the Miz protecting his face throughout the match. Miz wins with a roll up.

Fandango v. Kofi Kingston

Well we didn't get the match we wanted, so Fandango started the dance-off with our row all urging him to twerk.  Afterwards Kofi attacked him yelling that he didn't want to dance over and over.  The ref was able to hold Kofi back long enough for Fandango to start to head to the back when Bo Dallas's music hit to a pretty good pop.  He said something that I couldn't make out to Fandango then headed to the ring and challenged Kofi to a match.

Kofi Kingston v. Bo Dallas

My row were all Bolievers, and were rooting for a Bo Dallas victory.  After Bo took a lap for doing something good, Kofi rolled him up, grabbed the tights and got the three.  Afterwards Bo Tebowed it out.

Bray Wyatt v. Chris Jericho

Bray has a bit of a different entrance from what is on TV and I'm sorry to say that I'm a huge Wyatt Family mark.  Jericho, lightbright jacket and all, came out to the biggest pop of the night so far.  My row decided to side with Wyatt and among the jeers was a pretty funny comment comparing Fozzy to Nickleback.  This was the match of the night in my opinion.  Best part of the match was when Jericho was tossed out in front of us and Wyatt picked him up and asked me what I wanted him to do to him, which I requested for him to knock his teeth out.  Bray obliged by sending Jericho face first into the barricade.  The match ended when Wyatt called for Harper and Rowan to attack Jericho only to be stopped by the Usos.  We finally got the twin planchas right in front of us with one of the Usos landing pretty awkwardly on his hand.  Jericho hit the codebreaker for the win. After the match Jericho rolled out on our side to slap hands with the fans, but made sure to snub us stating, "don't even think about it" as he walked by.

Sarver's POV:  I always heard Jericho was kind of a dick... this proved it with him not being able to take not being cheered for by a few folks and get heckled and ribbed.


Six Diva Tag Match. Nikki Bella, Cameron & Emma v. Alicia Fox, Naomi & Rosa Mendez

Let's start by saying Divas are better in person!  Alicia was great interacting with our row, especially after Cameron stinkfaced her and us teasing her about smelling like booty.  We had a laugh when Nikki hit the ring and hit her own 5 moves of doom which lead to a win for her team.   This was a longer than usual divas match which I feel would get the divas division back on track as opposed to the 5 minutes we see on t.v..  I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get an Alicia Fox temper tantrum after the match.

Kane appeared on screen and all we could make out was something about a last man standing match.

Cesaro v. Sheamus for the U.S. Championship

There looked to be a messed up spot at the beginning but they recovered quick, other than that these two have great in ring chemistry and hope to see them in a fued sometime soon.  Cesaro's european uppercut looked vicious as it knocked Sheamus getting a few comments from our row stating he's not going to be able to taste anything for a week.  I added that its ok, corned beef and cabbage doesnt taste that good anyway, to which Sheamus said it sounded "pretty racist" and "corned beef and cabbage is pretty good fella" which drew laughs from us.  Cesaro denied us a Cesaro Swing despite us offering him a female fan who was fawning over him.  Sheamus picked up the victory after hitting a pretty sick brough kick.

Kane v. Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing Match

Reigns come out through the crowd, they ought change up the location from time to time to keep fans on their toes as everyone crowded his usual area.  A very physical match that gave us tables and chairs and kendo sticks.  I offered up my cane to Reigns for him to beat Kane with.  The sickest move of the match came when Reigns went to superman punch Kane through a table with Kane dodging and choke slamming Reigns through the table instead.  Reigns eventually recovered to hit the superman punch and spear to get the 10 count and to send the fans home happy.

Biggest Pops
1. Roman Reigns
2. Chris Jericho
3. Sheamus
Honorable Mention: Nikki Bella (at least this angle with Stephanie McMahon is doing great things for part of the divas division)

Most Heat
1.  Wyatt Family
2.  The Miz's Face
3.  Kane

From spider03man:

A lot of CM Punk shirts in the crowd.

Justin Roberts speed talked through the Cena announcement that he would not be there, but refunds were available. Crowd was pretty upset by this.

Wyatts vs Usos tag titles match, great match, crowd into it, Usos win

R-Truth vs Miz, very slow paced, Miz cut a pre match and mid match promo drawing lots of heat, Miz wins

Fandango vs Kofi, fans chose a dance off(lots of boos when announced, Fandango is up first but Kofi attacks him very aggressively, crowd is pretty stunned

Bo Dallas comes out and challenges Kofi, quick match Kofi wins

Bray Wyatt vs Chris Jericho, big pop for Jericho, Y2J chants throughout match, Bray drew a lot of heat, Usos come out and take out Harper and Rowan which allows Jericho to hit the code breaker for the win, another big pop


Alicia Fox/Rosa Mendez/Cameron vs Nikki Bella/Naomi/Emma, terrible match, Rosa Mendez is awful, Nikki gets the pin on Rosa

Cesaro vs Sheamus US Title match, decent match, good pop for Sheamus, Cesaro is jacked, Sheamus wins

Kane vs Roman Reigns Last Man Standing, pretty good overall, Kane beat Reigns with a kendo stick and choke slammed Reigns through a table, Reigns hits the spear for the win. Funny note, when Reigns hit the spear he covered Kane and hooked his leg out of instinct but quickly got up.

Match of the night: Usos/Wyatts

Worst match: Divas by a mile

Most heat:
1. Miz
2. Justin Roberts (after the Cena announcement and the results of the dance off/match poll)
3. Bray Wyatt

Biggest pops:
1. Chris Jericho
2. Roman Reigns
3. Sheamus

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