Chris Jericho did an "Ask Me Anything" chat on Reddit earlier today. Below are some highlights:

How have you been able to compete at such a high level for so long? It's amazing looking at your WCW matches from the mid 90's compared to present day, and to see the excellent shape you're still in. I think you said it best yourself at the 2013 Royal Rumble "I never lost it baby!"

I cant balance both, which I why I only come back to the WWE when Fozzy is taking a break. My WWE stints will be more like rock tours now. And this tour ends Sept in Nashville. Thanks!

Do you ever consider regrowing the early 2000's beard?

Nope I'll leave the beards to Zakk Wylde and Daniel Bryan! Too itchy

Chris - What's your opinion on Dolph Ziggler? Dude is an unreal worker but hasn't been able to break through yet. What does he need to do to get to that next level?


I've always wanted to know, I remember watching your episode of The Dating Game and you were the selected bachelor with that blonde broad. Did you actually go on the three day vacation with her? Did you guys actually ever date? How much of that was all for show?

I did not go on a date with her, but got an email that she popped out of a cake at a batchelor party a few months later...

Can I ask, what does your average gym session consist of? And what is your diet like?

I rarely go to the gym. Mostly DDP yoga nowadays

Hello, Chris. What was your most memorable moment of Eddie Guerrero?

His friendship

What was Gorilla Position like in WCW?


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