WWE Main Event Results - AJ Lee Returns, Slater Gator Gets Another Win, Swagger Vs. Del Rio

WWE Main Event Results - AJ Lee Returns, Slater Gator Gets Another Win, Swagger Vs. Del Rio Photo: Nicole (@nicole_rose_54)
- Tonight's WWE Main Event opens up with Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton in Laredo, Texas.

- We go right to the ring and out comes Alberto Del Rio with a Mexican flag. Del Rio takes the mic and says we're just a few miles away from Mexico so he's going to speak to his countrymen in Spanish. Del Rio cuts a promo and thanks his fans for their support. The music hits and out comes Jack Swagger with Zeb Colter and Old Glory.

Zeb says he didn't understand a word Del Rio said. Zeb cuts a promo on Del Rio and says he might as well be standing in Mexico or Russia. Del Rio fires back and gets the babyface pop. Del Rio challenges Swagger to a match and gets another pop. They accept the challenge. Zeb says Del Rio reminds them of Rusev. Zeb calls for Real Americans to rise and tells Del Rio they'll see him later.

- Still to come, AJ Lee will return after being thrown off the stage by Paige on SmackDown. Also, a look back at Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon on RAW. We go to commercials.

Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater vs. Goldust and Stardust

We come back and Slater Gator is in the ring. Slater brags about his win over Seth Rollins on RAW and shows us a replay. Slater introduces them as Slater Gator but Titus doesn't like the name. Out comes Goldust and Stardust.

Goldust and Slater go at it to start the match. Goldust nails a big right hand and in comes Stardust for some double teaming. Stardust with a dropkick. Slater takes him to the corner and in comes Titus. More back and forth. Stardust fights them both off but Titus catches a crossbody and hits a pair of backbreakers before tossing Stardust and barking. Slater tags back in and keeps Stardust down. Titus with another tag as fans rally for Stardust. Stardust counters a toss and drops Titus. Slater comes in but Stardust kicks him. Goldust tags in and unloads on Slater. Goldust with a powerslam for 2 as Titus breaks the pin. Stardust leaps off Goldust's back and decks Titus. Titus gets a cheap shot in on Goldust, allowing Slater to roll him up for the win.

Winners: Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater

- After the match, Slater Gator goes crazy at ringside as Goldust and Stardust looked on shocked.

- We get a look back at Brie and Stephanie on RAW.

Summer Rae vs. AJ Lee

We come back and out comes Summer Rae. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is out next for a non-title match. We see a replay from SmackDown where Paige knocked her off the stage.

They go at it and AJ goes for an early pin. AJ keeps control and hits a neckbreaker for another 2 count. AJ with a dropkick. AJ landed on her neck from the dropkick and the referee checks on her. Apparently she's still hurting from her whiplash injury. Summer attacks her and takes control. Summer works on AJ's neck and head, taking her to the corner. 2 count by Summer. Summer with a submission now. AJ gets the Black Widow applied out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee

- AJ is all smiles after the win as we go to replays. Phillips interviews AJ in the ring after the match. AJ cuts a promo and says she ruined Paige's little fairy tale and at SummerSlam, she's going to do the exact same thing... the music interrupts and out comes Paige to the stage. Paige says she's thrilled to see AJ back on her feet again. Paige says she and AJ belong in the ring together. Paige says she respects and loves AJ. She says she still wants to be friends after she takes her title back at SummerSlam. AJ says this is her kingdom and raises the title as her music hits. They stare each other down.

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