WWE SmackDown Results: Dean Ambrose Vs. Randy Orton, Ziggler Vs. Rollins, SummerSlam Stip, More

Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow gets busy dominating Sin Cara, reminding people that he's actually pretty skilled in the ring. Sin Cara eventually gets things moving with some aerial work but he doesn't stay on top for long. After a flurry of offense from Sandow, Sin Cara hits a swanton of the top rope and gets the three-count.

Result: Sin Cara defeats Damien Sandow via pinfall.

Coming attractions and SummerSlam ads follow, then a break.

Following some paid advertisements, we get a nice, lengthy video retrospective of the Lesnar/Cena rivalry. Ziggler emerges for his match and we have commercial sign.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins

Returning from the world of coming attractions and public service announcements, Rollins greets the crowd with disdain and charges forward to meet Ziggler. After the bell, the guys lock up. Rollins takes it to Ziggler quickly and it's quite the drubbing. Rollins stays on offense for several minutes and Ziggler gives nothing back until he breaks a sleeper hold and lands a few blows. Rollins earns a breather when he tosses Ziggy outside and the next thing we see is a Subway ad.

Back to the match in progress, Ziggler lands punch after punch on Rollins but Seth stays in the game. Ziggler has the crowd on his side and he gets Rollins on the mat for one near fall, and then another, and then one more. Rollins pushes on and gets back on his feet to rejoin the battle but Ziggler almost wins again with a rollup. They tussle some more and Ziggler garners another two-count. Rollins turns the tables and puts Ziggler down but he can't seal the deal either. Both guys pick up the pace and Ziggler hits Rollins off the ropes with a "Fameasser" and gets another near fall but Seth still manages to kick out. Back on his feet, Rollins chucks Ziggler into a post, Dolph folds like a deck chair and rolls on to the floor. Rollins heads outside and wipes up the joint with Ziggler before tossing him back into the ring. He crushes Ziggler with a curb stomp and covers him for the win.

Result: Seth Rollins defeats Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.

Backstage, Orton tells Renee he'll totally, absolutely, positively beat Ambrose later tonight.

Paige vs. Natalya

Following the break, Paige and Natalya throw down for a match. Paige gets all kinds of crazy on Natalya, they brawl outside and Paige absolutely dominates her competition. Natalya makes it back in before she's counted out but Paige gets her in a submission hold and Natty taps to end this one.

Result: Paige defeats Natalya via submission.

Paige skips off and we're assured that the night will end with Ambrose taking on Orton. Rusev and Lana head out to the ring area and we go to commercial.

Rusev vs. Big E

WWE pays a few bills and then Lana and Rusev parage out to the ring. Big E is already in his own corner. Guess he doesn't get an on-air intro these days. A short match ensues in which Big E musters a smidgen of moves to counter a mammoth torrent of blows by Rusev. The hard-hitting feud they could've had months ago is a distant memory as Rusev gets a virtual squash after forcing Big E to submit in the clutch.

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