- Today marks 15 years since the countdown clock ended and Chris Jericho made his debut on WWE TV. WWE's latest Top 10 video looks at 15 years of Jericho in WWE, as seen above.

- WWE's website has quotes from a new WWE Magazine interview with Sheamus. He talked about focusing on his matches and preparing:

"Every time I step out there, I just try to get a moment of clarity. I try to clear my mind of everything that's going on and focus on the match at hand. You get nervous before you go out there. I love what I do, I care about what I do, and I want to put on the best performance I possibly can."

He also commented on getting nervous:

"I think every Superstar gets nervous. 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin once said when you stop getting nervous or stop getting jitterbugs, it's time to quit the business and do something else."

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