- Mick Foley will be performing his one-man show at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma, CA tonight. You can get more information or purchase tickets by clicking here.

- Foley will also be joining fellow WWE Hall of Famers Jake "The Snake" Roberts and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan at Stockton-Con 2014 in Stockton, CA this weekend. You can get more details at this link.

- WrestlingINC.com correspondent Scott H. sent us this report of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper discussing his first four hours in the wrestling business during his recent one man show in the U.K.

Roddy didn't have a ring name, all he knew was he was working with Larry "The Axe" Hennig, Mr. Perfect's dad. Roddy played the bagpipes on weekends, and when he told his band that he was wrestling, they wanted to play him to the ring. So Roddy came to the ring on his debut with music being played by a band and nobody knew who he was.

The ring announcer announced him as Roddy… The Piper…

The attention Roddy got annoyed Larry the Axe, as Roddy was upstaging the established star. It was the quickest match in the history of wrestling, the bell rang and then the bell rang… five seconds and Larry the Ax had knocked out Roddy and won…easily…squash match is right!

After the match, Roddy was alone in the locker room with Mad Dog Vachon. He said to Roddy, "hey punk, you can drive me to Kansas City." Roddy didn't tell him that he was only 15. Literally 5 minutes into their drive and Mad Dog decides that he needs to stop and eat, so they pull into this little restaurant. Mad Dog orders a large meal, everything… twice! Roddy had just received his first night's money in the business and had a whopping $4 to spend on food and drinks. As Mad Dog is eating, he looks over at Roddy and says, "punk, order some proper food, I'm paying." So Roddy moves over next to Mad Dog and orders loads of food. When the food comes, Mad Dog looks at Roddy and says, "who told you to sit next to me, move punk!" So Roddy gets up, moves away, but before he sits down he hears Mad Dog groan and then hit the floor. He clutches his chest and tells Roddy that he needs help. The waitress, the customers and everyone is panicking.

They call for an ambulance, and Mad Dog begs that he wants to go now and begs Roddy to take him in his car. So Roddy and a customer carry Mad Dog out of the restaurant and lay him in the back seat of the car. Roddy hits the gas and heads straight for the hospital. Two minutes into the ride, Mad Dog gets up and smiles. He gets a map out and circles the restaurant and says, "we wont go into there again, that's how you eat for free kid."

Mad Dog then tells Roddy to put his foot down. Roddy says he cant because if he gets pulled over, he's only 15 years old. Mad Dog then screamed at him to pull over since he doesn't want to get into trouble with the law!

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