We've heard from several fans who have had trouble purchasing WWE's new "Ladies & Gentlemen, My Name Is Paul Heyman" DVD and Blu-ray because it's been sold out. Fans in several different countries have reported the same problems. WWE's DVD distributor in Australia was sold out at one point and the UK distributor is sold out but they are taking pre-orders.

Earlier this week the DVD was backed-ordered on Amazon and wasn't going to be shipped for up to 2 weeks but it's now in stock and shipping. The Blu-ray is currently back-ordered and was #1 on Amazon's best-selling Blu-ray list.

A number of major retailers in Heyman's home state of New York saw the DVD and Blu-ray sell out within two days.

PWInsider notes that one fan in California wrote that they couldn't find a copy of the Blu-ray at eight different locations including Walmart, Best Buy, FYE and Target.

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