Source: Journey Of A Frontman

Journey of a Frontman has an interview with Frankie Kazarian. Here are a few highlights:

Which wrestlers from TNA he'd like to see come to ROH someday:

"That's a tough question, man. As far as TNA goes, they've got a lot of very talented wrestlers. I was there a long time and I pretty much wrestled all of them. Selfishly because they're friends of mine, I'd like to see Ken Anderson or Gunner, I'd like to see what they can do. I think bringing their style to the company would be pretty unique. The Wolves are good tag team and already had a huge run in Ring of Honor."

Traveling with Christopher Daniels:

"We're both California guys, so I've been traveling with him basically since we both started in TNA. That was around 2003 or 2004. We're on the same schedule. It's been ten years now, so it's a well oiled machine at this point. Everything's second nature. We know what each other wants to do, going to the gym, going to eat, it's a routine thing. In this business, that's very good. It's being in the road and on a routine and having someone you can rely on, someone that wants to do the same things you do and eat the same places you eat. It's important. If it wasn't for him, I'd probably travel by myself. A well oiled machine is the best way I could put it."

Music tastes of various wrestlers:

"I'll talk music all day with anybody. When I was in TNA, guys like Gunner and Bully Ray are into the same music that I'm into. Hard rock and heavy metal. Pat Kenney also, he's a big Van Halen guy. We would talk about Van Halen. I'll talk to those guys about music that I like. I gravitate towards them because I knew they were into that. It's the same with Garett Bischoff, he's a big hard rock and heavy metal fan. Always got along really well with him. I've actually gone to concerts with Bully at times. With those guys, we're always asking each other about new music. "Have you heard this new music?" "Have you heard this new song?" A lot of the younger guys just tend to be into hip-hop and rap and stuff like that. I'm not necessarily a fan of that, especially newer stuff. But hey, that's their stuff. There's a few guys that I know that are big metalheads. I'll play my iPod on some speakers and play music that me and a couple other guys will like. If other guys don't like it, they can leave the locker room."

Upcoming shows/appearances:

"Philly this Saturday for Ring of Honor against the Young Bucks. August 15, we're in Brooklyn, New York for Ring of Honor. It's the Field of Honor show at MCU Park. We'll be wrestling for the Ring of Honor tag team titles against reDRagon, Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish. We're also gonna be at the ComicCONN on August 16th in Bridgeport, Connecticut. And then the 23rd and 24th, we are in Milwaukee and Chicago for Ring of Honor. And then the 29th and 30th of August, we are here in California for PWG for the Battle of Los Angeles. We've got tag matches both nights. If you've ever been to a PWG show, you know how awesome they are. If you haven't, it's something you have to check out. But if you don't have tickets, I don't think you'll be able to because they're sold out. That's our August schedule and we've got a lot in September and October, basically until the end of the year."

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