Source: F4WOnline

Apparently there were a lot of wrestlers within WWE who were upset about Alberto Del Rio's release. We've noted that Del Rio was cut for allegedly assaulting a social media worker after that employee allegedly made a racist remark about Del Rio.

That worker is still employed with the company but word is that he could be finding himself out of a job like Del Rio soon. Del Rio's slap to the man was described as a heavy shot, something similar to the infamous slap wrestler David Schultz gave to 20/20 reporter John Stossel in 1984.

Another source has confirmed that Del Rio has been talking about being unhappy in WWE for over a year. He has money and won't be hurting for work. It was said that he's probably happier now than he was with WWE. There are already rumors of reuniting Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez in another promotion, perhaps Mexico's AAA promotion or the indies.

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