As noted, last Thursday's episode of TNA Impact Wrestling with the much-hyped Dixie Carter table spot drew a 1.09 rating with 1.41 million viewers.

When the segment was taped, many fans believed that the angle could be one of TNA's most-viewed Impact segments in history because Dixie was finally going through the table. The segment had even higher expectations after TNA began their "#BossToss" campaign.

Last Thursday's show opened with a 1.13 quarter-hour rating following the lead-in from Cops. The low-point of the show came towards the end of the first hour as Mr. Anderson & Gunner & Samuel Shaw vs. Bro-Mans drew just a 1.01 quarter-hour rating. The high-point of the show came at the top of the second hour for the end of Team 3D vs. Team Dixie. That segment did a 1.19 quarter-hour rating. It should be noted that the first part of this match, which was the end of hour one, drew just a 1.06 quarter-hour rating.

The main event segment, featuring Dixie going through the table, drew a 1.15 quarter-hour rating. The segment before that, with Samoa Joe vs. Sanada vs. Low Ki, drew a 1.11 quarter-hour rating so the increase was minimal.

In comparison, the main event segment for last week's Destination X with Austin Aries vs. Bobby Lashley drew a 1.07 quarter-hour rating and the July 24th main event segment with Team 3D and Tommy Dreamer vs. Team Dixie dew a 1.17 quarter-hour rating.

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