Welcome to WrestlingINC.com's live coverage and results for WWE SmackDown. Tonight's show was taped earlier this week in Seattle, Washington. Wrestling-savvy types call this the "go home" show heading into SummerSlam.

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The Big Show opens with the word "Awesome!" and The Miz emerges for an episode of Miz TV. In the ring, Miz says he'll retain the IC title at SummerSlam and he says he wants to give back to WWE by mentoring some of the younger talent. With that, Miz welcomes Roman Reigns out to the ring. Reigns enters through the crowd and henkers down in a director's chair with Miz. Miz reminds everyone that Reigns is his mom's favorite WWE Superstar. He taunts Reigns a little about Roman's match with Orton at SummerSlam. The ex-Shield member tires quickly of his host's antics and cracks him a good one. Miz tumbles out of the ring and heads up the ramp as Reigns tells the crowd he respects Orton's accomplishments but assures everyone he'll win this weekend.

Later tonight we'll see Mark Henry against Luke Harper. We get a glimpse of Ambrose roaming the halls and commercials roll.

After the break, we get some viewing stats from WWE and then Ambrose makes his way to the ring area. WWE shares a brief recap of the most recent developments in Dean's feud with Rollins and Cesaro arrives on the scene for a match.

Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro

Steady back and forth is the order for the first minute or two with a blend of pugalistics and mat work. Cesaro starts to gather steam but Ambrose checks him to the floor and follows up with a dive outside. Back in the ring, Cesaro tosses Dean into the steel post and then hits a suplex on the floor outside. Commercial sign.

The show returns and Cesaro is firmly in control. He gets a little too cocky, though, and Ambrose ends up landing some damaging blows and Cesaro ends up outside again where he's met with a suicide dive. Cesaro stumbles back in and Ambrose lands a DDT from the top turnbuckle, followed by a near fall. Cesaro bounces back and hits a huge closethline and gets his own near fall. The fans get behind Ambrose but Cesaro shows a lot of power and almost gets a pinfall. Ambrose stays in the match, though, and each man earns another near-fall. The fans chant "This is awesome!" and Ambrose surprises Cesaro with "Dirty Deeds" and gets the three-count. Cole calls him "a cockroach that won't go away."

Result: Ambrose beats Cesaro by pinfall.

After the dust settles, Rollins comes out and sets the stage for his lumberjack match with Ambrose at SummerSlam. He says he's better than the Lunatic Fringe and he'll show everyone he's the future at SummerSlam. He holds the gold briefcase up heading into the break. Looks like Ziggler is up next.

Following the commercials, Corporate Kane and Miz talk backstage. Miz is convalescing from his brush with Reigns and Kane breaks it to Miz that he'll face Reigns in a match later tonight.

Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil head out to the ring next and we get a recap of their post-show antics at Hogan's birthday party on Raw. O'Neil faces Ziggler who heads out as the guys in the truck roll tape from Ziggler's scrap with Miz on Monday.

Titus O'Neil vs. Dolph Ziggler

Titus gets all over Ziggler quickly and Ziggler initially struggles to put any offense together. He gets a break when he takes Titus off his feet momentarily and gets back into the match for a spell until Titus puts him down again. Titus stays on offense for a bit but Ziggler hits a "Zig-Zag" out of nowehere and gets the pin to wrap this one up.

Result: Dolph Ziggler beats Titus O'Neil via pinfall.

Cole asks if Ziggler will be the next IC champ as Slater and O'Neil talk things over in the ring. JBL and Cole discuss Slam City and we head for commercial city.

Following the paid advertisements, SmackDown recaps the Bray Wyatt/Jericho confrontation from Raw. Cole reminds us that Harper and Rowan are banned from the match at SummerSlam.

The bell rings and Mark Henry heads for the squared circle accompanied by Big Show. He's taking on Luke Harper next…after these messages.

Mark Henry vs. Luke Harper

Both guys circle the ring briefly and then lock up. Harper lands a blow or two and then Henry dumps him outside. Luke climbs back in and gets some offense in but Henry tips the scales with power and strength. Henry does end up on his back and Harper does the "Garvin stomp" around him as Show cheers mark on from outside. Henry returns to a vertical base but Erick Rowan interferes and Show chases him off as the bell rings to signal a DQ.

Result: Mark Henry defeats Luke Harper via DQ.

Mark Henry and Big Show vs. The Wyatts

After the break, we learn that there's an impromptu match already in progress between Mark Henry and Show who are taking on the Wyatts. The match was booked by Kane while we were watching commercials. Harper gets some momentum going on Show but Big Show comes back and whoops up on Harper, teasing the choke slam. Luke retreats and Rown ambushes Show outside the ring. The combatants return to the ring and the Wyatts double-team Show. Rowan tags in and gets a two-count. He continues to work Show over and then tags in Harper who levels Show with a superkick. Show fights out of a sitdown sleeper hold and manages to tag in Henry while Harper tags in Rowan. Henry gets Rowan up for a World's Strongest Slam and Harper tries to interfere but Show tosses him and then clocks Rowan in the face for good measure before Henry finishes the slam and covers for the win.

Result: Mark Henry and Big Show defeat The Wyatts via pinfall.

Afterward, we get a recap of Steph/Brie and commercials.

More recaps roll, reminding us that Eva Marie got a win over AJ recently and the ladies are back into it again tonight.

Eva Marie vs. AJ

AJ takes it right to Eva who responds with a decent counter to lay out the champ momentarily. Cole and JBL talk about AJ's feud with Paige as AJ lands a textbook neckbreaker. She stays in control as Paige skips out and tries to stir up things. AJ dives at her from the apron and the ref begins the count on AJ, calling for the bell after ten. Eva wins again.

Result: Eva Marie defeats AJ by pinfall

Post-match, Paige beats up AJ and skips around in victory.

Swagger will face Bo Dallas after the commercial break.

Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas

After some Network promo time, Swagger and Colter come out to take on Bo Dallas. Dallas gets a slight Edge on Swagger relatively quickly but Swagger wrenches Bo into the Patriot Lock and Dallas taps in a jiffy. Swagger plants the flag and Rusev appears on cue with Lana by his side. Lana says that Rusev will dedicate his win at SummerSlam to Vladimir Putin. Both grapplers gesticulate at one another to close this segment.

Result: Jack Swagger defeats Bo Dallas by submission.

WWE shows the Cena/Lesnar package for SummerSlam and then it's time for the main event!

Roman Reigns vs. The Miz

Reigns looks tough as things get underway. He teases a haymaker to Miz's face once again and Miz heads for the ropes. The go at it again and Miz begs the ref for a break and then retreats outside. The fans don't approve in the least. Miz makes it back in and slaps Reigns around before heading outside again and trying to get away from Reigns. Roman is too quick, though, catching Miz and bouncing him all around the ring area. The get back in the ring and Miz can't seem to put up any lasting fight against Reigns. He eventually seizes an opportunity to inflict some damage on Roman's left leg, giving him the opportunity to work Reigns into position for the Figure Four. He locks it in and Reigns fights through the pain to get out of it. Miz tries to reapply the hold but Reigns kicks him off. Reigns lands a Samoan drop, whacks Miz in the puss and warms up for the Superman punch. Miz tries to quit the match but he's blocked by Ziggler on the ramp. Rigns hits Miz outside, tosses him into the match for a spear and gets the pin.

Result: Roman Reigns beats The Miz by pinfall.

Reigns stands tall in the ring and Ziggler mugs for the fans at the top of the ramp as the show fades to black.

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