Thanks to reader Robbie for sending in these results for tonight's WWE live event in San Jose, CA:

All upper sections curtained off.

Before event, fans encouraged to text or tweet their votes for Adam Rose vs. Heath Slater to be a match or a Dance Off.

Eden Rhodes doing ring announcing, looking good in a skin tight powder blue dress.

Ambrose def Rollins in opening match clean with Dirty Deeds.

Adam Rose vs Heath Slater was voted to be a regular match. Adam Rose wins with the Party Foul.

Ryback and Cesaro vs. Big E and RVD. Weird combinations. Crowd was pretty into this one, more heat for Ryback/Cesaro than cheers for Big E/RVD. Cesaro teased Cesaro swing on Big E but then dropped his legs. RVD gets the pin after a very nice 5 Star Frog Splash.

Rusev (w/ Lana) vs. Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter). Lana and Zeb both cut typical promos. Lana's hair was down and she is way hotter in person. Rusev won with The Accolade following a low blow while Lana distracted the ref.

Eden introduces our special guest referee for the next match, Ric Flair, who was way over (duh). Match was Bray Wyatt (who came out alone carrying his battery powered lantern, wearing a rubber slaughterhouse apron, Texas Chainsaw Massacre style) vs. Y2J (who got a bigger pop than Flair). At one point Wyatt did Flair's strut and gave Flair a big Woo! Flair responded by doing John Cena's you can't see me gesture, then showed us how the strut's really done. Flair and Wyatt got into it leading to Jericho sneaking up and hitting The Codebreaker for the win.


Natalya and Layla beat Paige and Rosa Mendez. Natalya made Rosa tap the The Sharpshooter. Not bad for a Divas match. Whatever.

Roman Reigns def Randy Orton with a spear. Very good match except for Reigns missing his Superman Punch by about a foot, which Orton sold like he was out cold. However Reigns looks like he's really improved, we'll see if that shines through tomorrow at Summerslam. The ladies were going nuts for both guys in this match.

Eden introduced Jimmy Hart who came out basically to introduce Hulk Hogan, who came out to a big pop. He talked about how good it was to be back in San Jose ("Not the Silverdome, not the Superdome, not they Skydome..."). He talked about wanting to get in the ring one more time. He hyped Summerslam, particularly the John Cena/Brock Lesnar match. Then he did his poses and that was about it.

John Cena beat Corporate Kane with an Attitude Adjustment through a table in a "San Jose Street Fight". This match saw them brawl up the aisle which was kind of lame because there were no cameras there, hence nothing on the big screens. Cena hyped Wrestlemania being in San Jose (technically it's next door in Santa Clara) and promptly left. Surprised me that he didn't do a lap around the ring and high five the kids.

That was it. Pretty good show. A lot of energy from the crowd.

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