Full Alberto Del Rio Interview Recap: Racist Incident, What Triple H Said To Him, Legal Action, More

As noted earlier, Alberto Del Rio recently spoke with Mexican morning news show Primero Noticias of Televisa. You can watch the entire interview in Spanish in the video above, thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader "NegativeFeedback" for sending the transcription below of the interview:

What happened? Tell me. What happened? Why did you leave the USA? It seemed like you were a top player.

Yes, I continued being one of the top guys in USA. But there was an incident in which there was an altercation with a WWE employee. I won't give all the details just yet. I'm still assessing which is the best way, legally, so that nothing that I say can be used against me. You know that US laws are completely different than the ones in Mexico. It was an incident in which I was offended. I was completely the victim. I have not spoken or said anything due to the same situation. They went ahead and said that I had unprofessional conduct. It's true. Yes, I slapped this WWE employee because, I always say, that you can take my job, but no one will take my dignity, or my pride. And I won't let anyone offend or humiliate my homeland, which is Mexico. I don't forget my roots. Like I said, I am defending myself. This problem led to the end of my contract with them in one of the moments where I was at the top of the tier, just like I have always been throughout my 6 years with them.

You were a victim of racism?

Yes, yes. These were comments that this guy made. And I reacted in an inappropriate manner. I will never say that someone should conduct themselves the way I did. I slapped him, and I feel completely embarrassed of my attitude and my reaction. But in that moment, after his comment, I demanded an apology. I didn't just stand there and slap him outright.

What exactly did he say?

I will be keeping that to myself right now. I am a few days away from being able to say absolutely everything. A lot of people know what happened because there were so many people there in catering.

Who was there? Another wrestler?

There were wrestlers, crew members, executives on the business side. They saw everything. I didn't say anything.

What wrestlers were there?

Right next to me, just like you are right now, was Jack Swagger. There were referees behind me. There were crew members. They were all present when this problem occurred.

You were all eating?

Yes, we were actually in Texas. I worked the show. And I had a conversation with the owner of the company.

Who is that?

Vince McMahon. The owner. And everything seemed fine. We spoke about it.

After the incident?

Yeah, after. You see, there's a situation here.

Let's reconstruct the narrative here, because if not, we're going to lose your train of thought. You guys were eating, there were wrestlers and referees. This person just randomly has a racist comment towards you.

Well, another person does a racist remark and he answers it but directing it towards me. And then...

You already had history with this person before.

Yes, I had an incident with him in the past where he pretended, I think, to read his computer. He said "Alberto is a such and such." And I was like, "What did you say, man?" He stands up and says, "No, it's something from Twitter." He then wants to give me his hand, and I just said, "Don't touch me." And I left to the ring, because I was on my way to the squared circle. This was about 7-8 months ago. When he says this comment, the same person again, I'm like "What's this guy's problem?" So I stand up, and don't think I'm going to come to blows with him. I stood up demanding an apology."

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