Source: TMZ

We noted before that Brock Lesnar's "party's over, grandpa" comment to Hulk Hogan during his birthday celebration on RAW two weeks ago was not scripted and was something Lesnar, possibly with the help from Paul Heyman, did on his own.

As we reported yesterday, X17 Online caught up with Hogan at the Los Angeles Airport earlier this week and apparently he's not happy about Lesnar's comment. Hogan said:

"All I gotta say is Brock, I haven't done anything to get in your way but if you keep throwing my name around I'm gonna get in your way.

"You can't say that stuff like you said Brock, in front of my wife and kids. It's not cool brother. I know this is all entertainment. You know we're supposed to have fun with it but when he starts throwing my name around, with my wife and my kids, it's crossing the line."

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