The most recent episode of the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast (Episode 006) features a lengthy interview with TNA's Robbie E recorded several weeks ago which Robbie talks about a number of topics related to his work in TNA and on The Amazing Race.

Early in the show, Robbie discusses his early work in TNA when he was still held a day job as a schoolteacher, sharing that after he won the X-Division title, he took it to work and showed it off to his students.

Roberts asked Robbie about the perpetual rumors that TNA is in trouble and that the company's failure is imminent and the wrestler quickly refuted these reports.

"Since TNA has started, everyone has doubted it and doubted Dixie Carter," Robbie said. But (Dixie) loves her company, loves us—she's never going to let it go anywhere. Nothing is going to happen to it. We all are confident that TNA is going to be around for a long time." He added that he's happy in TNA right now and considers it his home.

Discussing The Amazing Race, Robbie said that everything viewers see on television is genuine.

"I tell you from personal experience, 24/7, The Amazing Race is a race; it's 100% real," he said.

Robbie also discussed the return of the six-sided ring to TNA, indicating that he's more accustomed to working in a traditional squared circle but that he can adapt to pretty much anything.

Later in the show, Sam Roberts shared his thoughts about CM Punk's shoot interview on Colt Cabana's show and Vince McMahon's appearance on Steve Austin's podcast.

You can check out the entire podcast here.

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