Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Ring of Honor TV. Tonight we have the Briscoes teaming up against War Machine to headline the show.

Adam Page vs. ACH

Adam Page is bounced out of the ring, but comes back in and kicks ACH. Page sends ACH out, but gets punched when he gives chase. ACH runs Page's face into the boot of a fan ringside. ACH hits a headscissors takedown that sees him wrap around the ringpost first.

ACH gets caught in the ring apron, which allows Page to take control. Page drops ACH for a two count, and Page throws on a chinlock as we go to our first commercial break of the show.

We come back to Page landing a pumphandle half nelson suplex that gets a two count. Kevin Kelly keeps pushing this ridiculous code line on the air. Either way, Page gets a nice powerslam that earns him a two count.

ACH fights back with chops, but the two hit a double crossbody that results in both guys down. ACH gets a clothesline and about ten kicks as he gains momentum. That momentum halts when he misses a crossbody and walks into a huge Page DDT for 2. We go to another commercial.

We come back to both men trying to suplex each other to no avail. Eventually, both men go over the top rope with one. The ref inexplicably stops the count outside, and ACH misses a baseball slice. Page lands a shooting star shoulderblock and a giant backbreaker for two.

ACH hits a big double foot stomp that can't get the job done. He misses his finish and Adam Page hits a low blow for the win. Excellent match that took up the first 25 minutes of the show.

Winner: Adam Page via pinfall (low blow)

Page goes to shake ACH's hand, but he gets tackled instead. Officials have to split the two up, but ACH flips over the top onto everyone as Page escapes.

- We see a recap of Addiction and Chris Sabin being revealed as KRD. Next week we get Kyle O'Reilly vs. Jay Lethal in a TV title match.

- A great Young Bucks merchandise ad airs.

War Machine vs. Briscoes

Rowe gets beat on for a little before taking over with a big chop. He and Hanson double team Mark and play to the crowd. Hanson continues the beat down on Mark for several minutes before hitting a backbreaker for a two count.

Jay gets the tag and they hit a jawbreaker/lariat on Rowe. The Briscoes brawl and retain control as we go to another commercial break.

We come back to more of the same until Rowe stops Jay with a big slam. Hanson is tagged in and dominates the world champion before putting him in the corner and landing strikes. The two teams go through a series of reversals the two teams face off.

A superkick and clothesline send Jay and Hanson over the top as Rowe chucks Mark over the top rope. War Machine goes for Fallout, but Mark stops it. Mark is then knocked off the top rope as Jay eats a double chokeslam for two.

Briscoes hit a Doomsday Device on Rowe, but he ends up outside, where he eats an apron blockbuster. A Jay Driller on Hanson gets only two, and Briscoe can't believe it. Another Jay Driller gets 3.

Winners: Briscoes via pinfall (Jay Driller)

The two teams shake hands to close the show.

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