Welcome to this week's coverage of Ring of Honor wrestling. Tonight we will be treated to a world television title match, as Jay Lethal defends against Kyle O'Reilly.

Michael Elgin vs. Caprice Coleman

Elgin and Alexander brawl outside briefly before Caprice hits a Frankensteiner from the top. Later he hits an Asai moonsault, followed by a Sky Splitter that only gets a two count. Elgin clotheslines his way back into the match shortly after.

Elgin comes back and hits a turnbuckle powerbomb, then follows up with an Elgin Bomb that gets him the pin. The crowd seemed to really like this match.

Winner: Michael Elgin via pinfall (Elgin Bomb)

- We get inset promos from both Lethal and O'Reilly explaining why they'll win tonight.

ROH World Television Championship
Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini) vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Kyle grabs an armbar right out of the gate, but ends up getting pinned for a two. Lethal then stalls for a long period, before rolling back in and getting headlocked for several minutes. Lethal finally gets outside and tosses O'Reilly into the rail as we go to commercial.

We come back to Kyle O'Reilly working over Lethal's arm, trying to set up an armbar. The announce team keeps talking about the ROH code line, which I never try to mention because it's really annoying. Either way, Lethal manages a suplex and a surfboard, but Kyle busts out.

O'Reilly goes back to the arm, even locking on an armbar over the ropes until Martini blasts him with a book. He gets tossed into the rail again and gets beat down by Lethal outside. A body slam and flying double axehandle from Lethal send us to a commercial.

Back from commercial, Lethal is kicking away at O'Reilly before hitting several butterfly suplexes for two. Kyle fights back and gets a guillotine, but Lethal fights out and gets Lethal Combination for a two count. Lethal with a reverse DDT and Hail to the King that also just get two.

O'Reilly locks on the armbar, but both men end up outside the ring. O'Reilly barely makes it back in by the 20 count. The two trade strikes in the middle of the ring until Lethal hits a superkick. O'Reilly answers with a brainbuster for two.

Another armbar for Kyle, but Lethal gets out, only to be locked in again. As he tries to battle out, the bell rings to signify a time-limit draw. The fans are livid.

Official Result: Draw, with Jay Lethal retaining the ROH World Television Championship

Jay Briscoe comes out and grabs a mic. The crowd wants five more minutes for Lethal/O'Reilly, but he says to hell with it and gives Kyle a World Title match.

ROH World Championship
Jay Briscoe (c) vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Jay Lethal runs out and plants both guys with belts to the head. Well.

Official Result: No Contest, with Jay Briscoe retaining his ROH World Championship

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