Ring of Honor color analyst Steve Corino spoke with The News Hub recently about his wrestling career, as well as his work as announcer for the brand. You can read the highlights below, and check out the full article at this link. Also, don't forget to join us tonight for full, live coverage of Ring of Honor: Best in the World tonight.

The future of ROH:

"If you would have asked me this a couple of years ago I would have said the game plan has always been for ROH to be economic television for the Sinclair broadcasting channels. I would have never thought we would have done something with New Japan and I'd never thought that the replica belts would come and that they would have taken the 17th chance at ippv because of all the problems that we had and I would have never thought that we would have done regular traditional pay per view and it wasn't all in the business plans that they all got together and this is good and houses are up and merchandise licences are being sold so let's try this so for me you just gotta keep moving forward little steps just like they are doing whether the next step is a video game, whether the next step is action figures, whether the next step is four weekends a month instead of three, whether it is the test of hey Tuesday and Wednesday worked maybe we should start thinking Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday instead of Friday/Saturday. When I was a kid I grew up in Philadelphia and Philly was always a Saturday night town. Kevin Kelly grew up in Tampa, Florida and that was a Tuesday night town. You always went every Tuesday night and to the Tampa Army to see Championship wrestling in Florida. So let's see let's throw some s--t against the wall and see what sticks. The crew is so laid back.

"Young kids come back here and are like they've done their WWE tryouts and their 2 day loop comes and their shaking hands on Saturday morning like they did again on Friday. Guys, relax this isn't WWE no one is going to hate you because you didn't shake hands the second day. A hearty hello, how is everyone doing and go about your business. Everybody is laid back here. It makes it really relaxed here. People always talk about the ECW locker room was the greatest locker room in the world and it's not true. I was on top and I walked around on eggshells because you didn't want to get heat with someone. Here you just go and do your thing. Everybody gets along with everybody. We all make fun of ACH. It's a blast. It's got the family atmosphere with no bulls--t. We can all say we're a family but we don't all have to get along but you get to ride with the same guys every weekend and there's no cliques. It makes it enjoyable to come to work."

Working with ECW:

"When I came in there were always no promises. I came in as just an underneath guy. I was Nova's friend and this was right after November to Remember 98' and they were looking for new guys and Paul wanted to build new guys. So they had Reckless Youth that was the guy they wanted and I was the afterthought. The guy was Nova's buddy here is pretty good and he's got an anti-hard-core thing alright bring him to the arena and do a quick try out match. That's how I won my job. Then little things would come up and happen. Whereas Candido would mess up and Paul would look at me like, 'Steve you can talk let's do this thing with Tazz' and then Candido would be back and then he would be fine and then I'd get pushed down a little bit and then Candido would mess up again and then all of a sudden I'm back."

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