Source: Last Word On Sports

The Last Word on Sports has an interview with Bobby Lashley, who was promoting his fight with Ken Shamrock at tonight's Bellator MMA event. Below are some highlights:

His MMA aspirations:

"For me, I don't really need to achieve anything. There's something that I want, I want to go for the Bellator title. I want to stay around a little bit longer and make some good money to be able to retire comfortably and provide for my kids, it's more want for me. And then step away from it without any lasting injuries or any lasting damages.

CM Punk in the UFC:

"I think Punk's going to go to the UFC and kick somebody's ass, and everybody's going to be mad and give him the respect that he deserves... There's so many guys that come into Mixed Martial Arts without any kind of background. I think right now, it is kind of hard just because he's coming in with zero fights in the UFC, so they're going have to bring in somebody who is 0-0 or he's going to have to fight somebody that's been in there and it's going to be a little difficult."

Lashley also discussed Bellator title being wide open, more on Punk in the UFC, his MMA training and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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