The Rock appeared on The Dan Patrick Show to promote the premiere of Ballers on HBO this Sunday. During the interview, The Rock talked about playing with Warren Sapp at Miami, and Sapp taking his spot on the team.

"He looked at me and said, I gotta tell you man, I'm taking your spot," Rock recalled. "I said you ain't taking my spot. And then about six months later he took my spot."

Rock was also asked if Sapp or Ray Lewis would have made a better pro wrestler. Rock revealed that there were plans for Lewis to wrestle during the Attitude Era. He said that WWE was really close to booking a big tag team match pitting Lewis and himself at WrestleMania against "whoever the top heels at the time - probably Triple H and someone else." He said that the match was very close to happening, but fell through due to scheduling.

Rock also talked about suffering a wardrobe malfunction during his first match. He said that in his first WWE match he borrowed trunks from King Tonga, and noted that Tonga's trunks were a lot bigger than his waist and "there was a little big of a malfunction" with things popping out.

You can check out the full appearance in the video above.

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