Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Ring of Honor: Best in the World. Tonight's event features the biggest match the company has seen in years as World Champion Jay Briscoe takes on Television Champion Jay Lethal. You can see our full preview for the event at this link.

Donovan Dijak (w/ Truth Martini) vs. Mark Briscoe (w/ ODB)

No Code of Honor for these two. Briscoe gets powered down and tries to avoid locking up with Dijak. Mark flips out of a back body drop attempt and scores a Russian leg sweep attempt that only gets a one count. Dijak answers with a suplex slam that sends Briscoe all the way across the ring. The 6'7 Dijak then hits the Jeff Hardy corner dropkick.

Dijak uses some Titus O'Neil sack of potatoes offense before bodyslamming Briscoe over the top rope, which looked brutal. Back inside, that gets a two count. Briscoe fires back with a second rope dropkick, then a mule kick, but he's still hurting from that big spot outside the ring.

Redneck kung-fu helps Briscoe get an advantage, and sends Dijak to the outside, where Mark lands a suicide dropkick. Truth Martini tries to get involved, but ODB catches him and tears up the book of Truth as Mark lands the Blockbuster to the floor, which doesn't do his back any favors.

A big body press from Dijak gets two, and he apparently misses Feast Your Eyes, but it didn't look like it. Briscoe hits a brainbuster and a FroggyBow for the pin.

Winner: Mark Briscoe via pinfall (FroggyBow)

- We get the recent history of Decade, and the issues between them and ACH.

ACH & Matt Sydal vs. Decade (w/ Colby Corino)

Whitmer kicks ACH out of a knuckle lock, but ACH dropkicks him and shows off as Page is tagged in. Page hits a cheap shot then runs away as Sydal also comes in. Sydal ends up getting double teamed by Decade until he hits a big knee drop and makes the hot tag.

ACH comes in and gets a two on a huracanrana to Whitmer before landing his spinning Flatliner. Whitmer comes back with a powerslam as the crowd chants "BJ Wiener" at him. Page comes in and lands a nice pumphandle three-quarter nelson suplex for two and tags back to Whitmer. While the ref is distracted, Page hits a shooting star shoulder block that made no sense.

ACH hits an enziguri and Sydal makes a tag. Sydal cleans house before getting a 2.9 off of a standing moonsault before Whitmer breaks it up. Whitmer gets field goal'd outside by ACH, and Sydal lands a shooting star press. Colby Corino pulls Page out and ACH hits the Crash and Burn on Page & Corino. Whitmer grabs ACH, allowing Page to hit Rite of Passage for the win.

Winner: Decade via pinfall (Rite of Passage)

- ROH announces that Shinsuke Nakamura, KUSHIDA and Okada are returning to the company in August.

Silas Young vs. Dalton Castle (w/ his boys)

No Code of Honor again, and Young gets sent outside early on. Back inside he gets armdragged and headbutts. Young follows up with a big backbreaker and a clothesline for a quick two count. Young follows up with a second rope back rake of all things before applying a chinlock.

Castle sunset flips Young, but can't get him over, so his boys fan Young to get him over. Castle pulls Young's pants down and spanks him before landing a nice overhead suplex. Young fights back and comes off the top but Castle catches him and suplexes for two. That was impressive. Young finally gains an advantage when he DDTs Castle into the bottom turnbuckle.

The two are trading strikes on the apron, which leads to Silas going between the turnbuckles and taking both guys out. He tries to toss Castle in the ring, but he does a rebound headscissors. Back inside, the two trade nearfalls until Castle scores a deadlift German suplex for a two count.

Young goes up to the top rope, but Young crotches him. He goes for a pin, but the referee won't count since he cheated. While they're arguing, Castle hits a low blow and rolls up Young for the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle via pinfall (low blow)

Young hits Misery on one of Castle's boys and runs off.

C&C Wrestle Factor vs. War Machine

C&C attack early as Cedric crashes and burn onto Rowe. Coleman accidentally kicks Cedric and War Machine double team him. Coleman fights back but eats a carthweel clothesline from Hanson, who knocks Cedric off the apron. War Machine hits an insane combination of an AA into a backbreaker, then a gutbuster and gutwrench powerbomb for two. Cedric grabs the wrench he used to beat Moose, but Caprice sees it and doesn't like it. Fallout beats Coleman.

Winner: War Machine via pinfall (Fallout)

Cedric teases using the wrench, but puts it away and simply tells Coleman that they're done as a team.

Number One Contender Match
Michael Elgin vs. Moose (w/ Veda Scott & Stokely Hathaway) vs. Roderick Strong

Elgin takes advantage of the handshakes from both men, but gets sent outside by Moose, where he sends Strong into the rails. Moose gives Elgin a dropkick, then Strong dropkicks both men. Moose hits the Bionic Elbow and the crowd goes nuts with "Dusty" chants as Moose dances around the ring.

Moose swings Strong into the barricade as Elgin dives outside. Then he grabs a replica belt and runs around with it. Elgin holds Moose up in a hanging suplex for well over 20 seconds, then somersault ledrops Strong. Elgin gets taken out and then Strong lands a big superplex on Moose for a two count.

Moose gets the pop-up clothesline on Strong for a two count and then slugs it out with Elgin. Elgin screws up a double foot stomp, and the crowd is really happy to let him know as he corrects it. Elgin gets Strong with a top rope frankensteiner, while connecting with a moonsault to Moose for two. Strong manages a side slam off the second rope on Moose as well, but only gets two.

Elgin scores a great half nelson suplex on Strong, but Moose spears him out of nowhere. Strong breaks up the pin, and this match is just rapid fire. Moose pounces Strong to send him outside, then hits a flying Moose to the outside. Back inside Elgin hits a nice backfist to strong, then a double pop-up powerbomb to Moose, but doesn't go for the pin. Strong gets Elgin with the Sick Kick, then a backbreaker, then gets Moose with the Sick Kick for the win.

Winner: Roderick Strong via pinfall (Sick Kick)

Strong and Moose shake hands, which Stokely encourages, but Veda is livid. Moose looks like he's going to Spear Veda, but Cedric comes out with the wrench and lays out Moose and Stokely.

Bullet Club (Young Bucks & AJ Styles) vs. Kingdom (w/ Maria)

Bullet Club is over to a ridiculous level. Nick and Taven start out, and Matt keeps avoiding moves and throws the suck it until he gets stomped. Superkick number one on Matt Jackson to Bennett, then Bullet Club hits a backbreaker, backbreaker, knee drop combo, and Decade retreats.

Outside, Decade hits in stereo dropkicks to all of Bullet Club, but Bullet Club hit in stereo suicide dives. AJ gets kicked off of a springboard and sent outside as Cole hits a reverse powerbomb into the guardrail on Matt Jackson. Back inside, Taven scores a flipping neckbreaker and Lionsault on Matt Jackson before tagging to Cole.

Cole and Styles go at it, but Taven eats Superkick #2 as Bennett gets tornado DDT'd to the floor outside. Bullet Club triple team Cole in the corner, then hit an assisted Swanton Bomb. They get a 2 count before Kingdom breaks up the count.

Cole reverseS a Styles Clash, and all hell breaks loose as the ref makes no attempt to control the match. Superkicks all around, four in a row coming from both sides before Cole hits the Destroyer. When he gets up....he's met with two superkicks, and I've lost count. Bullet Club does a double Indytaker, but no pin is attempted.

Maria gets up on the apron, and Styles brings her inside where Bullet Club destroys her with superkicks. Styles gets Cole with a buckle bomb while the Bucks kick him, then scores Bloody Sunday for a two count. Cole gets up and superkicks everyone. We're at over 20 by now. His luck doesn't last as he gets another Indytaker and a Styles Clash. Bullet Club wins.

Winners: Bullet Club via pinfall (Styles Clash)

Maria has to be carried to the back.

ROH Tag Team Championship No DQ Match
Addiction (c) vs. ReDRagon

The two teams go right at it, with Addiction gaining the advantage and grabbing a ladder. Fish dives outside, and Kyle kicks the ladder into Kaz. Fish slams Daniels into the ladder while O'Reilly sends Kaz hard into the barricade. The two teams brawl all over the entrance way, until Kaz hits a senton that takes out Daniels and Fish.

Back inside, reDRagon light Daniels up with kicks and get a two count out of it. O'Reilly applies a rope assisted armbar to Kaz, but Daniels finally kicks him off. Outside, Daniels accidentally hits Kaz with a springboard moonsault, and Addiction are sat on a chair and O'Reilly hits a Van Terminator variation on both men.

Back inside Daniels uranages O'Reilly through a chair, then hits him with another one. Addiction tapes Bobby Fish to the second rope and hit him with a chair, but Kyle fights both guys off himself. O'Reilly looks around the ring for something to cut the tape as Addiction fashions a table out of the barricade and chairs.

O'Reilly manages to fight out of a suplex, and applies a triangle out of a BME attempt from Daniels. Kaz breaks that up with a chair shot before kicking Fish in the face as he's still taped up. Addiction puts O'Reilly through the barricade table. Fish finally frees himself and breaks up the pinfall before running wild on both members of Addiction.

Fish gets a Falcon Arrow and transitions into a kneebar, then a Fish Hook, but it gets broken up. He adds to the punishment of Kaz by scoring an exploder suplex onto the ladder. Kyle hits a Falcon Arrow from the top, followed by Chasing the Dragon. They have the win, but Sabin pulls the ref out before it can be counted. Celebrity Rehab on Fish after a low blow and The Addiction wins.

Winners: The Addiction via pinfall (Celebrity Rehab) to retain the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships

Main event time. This is a big one. Probably the biggest match for ROH since 2012.

Battle of the Belts
ROH World Championship & ROH World Television Championship
Jay Briscoe (World Champion) vs. Jay Lethal (TV Champion) (w/ House of Truth)

They adhere to the Code of Honor, and the crowd is going ballistic, split 50/50. Dijak makes a move towards the ring, and the ref kicks him and J. Diesel out, making the crowd explode. Lethal takes a page out of the Larry Z playbook and stalls for several minutes before locking up with Briscoe. He eats a shoulder block for his troubles and rolls back outside to talk things over with Truth Martini.

The two lock back up and trade arm ringers until Briscoe gets a drop toe hold, then a fireman's carry slam. Lethal regains the armbar, but Briscoe moves him to the corner, where we see a clean break from both men. Lethal uppercuts Briscoe and sends him outside the ring, where they brawl. Lethal gets the worst of it, getting tossed into the barricade. He returns the favor shortly after.

Both Lethal and Briscoe's family are in the audience, and each guy takes turns pummeling the other in front of their families. Lethal succeeds on a suplex attempt on the floor, which he uses to set up some knife-edge chops before getting tossed back inside the ring and booted by Briscoe. They go right back outside, however, as Lethal hits two suicide dives. When he goes for a third, he's clotheslined over the top by Briscoe. Briscoe then gets a suicide dive of his own.

Truth Martini trips up Briscoe, allowing Lethal to take Briscoe down. Lethal is able to capitalize and get a two count off of a backdrop. The two trade shots until Briscoe hits a roaring elbow and a neckbreaker, but it only gets two. Briscoe goes for a Jay Driller, but Lethal turns it into a Lethal Combination for a nearfall instead.

Briscoe ends up putting Lethal on the top rope, where he struggles to hit a superplex. He's knocked down and Lethal gets a Hail to the King, then transitions into the Koji Clutch. Briscoe fights out and ends up on the apron. Martini distracts the ref and Lethal hits a low blow. Nigel McGuinness then kicks Martini out. Jay Briscoe absolutely kills Jay Lethal with a Jay Driller through a table off the apron. Woah.

Both men make it back inside, but Briscoe only gets a two. Lethal gets a superkick, but gets dropped on his head. Briscoe takes him down with a violent lariat, but only gets two off of both of them, and the crowd is going nuts. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection gets 2.9, and the place erupts. Kevin Kelly screams "I am losing my mind!" Lethal hits a Jay Driller then Lethal Injection for the win. Wow!

Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall (Lethal Injection) to retain the ROH World TV Title, and win the ROH World Championship

Lethal has tears in his eyes. He and Briscoe shake hands as the crowd chants "You deserve it."

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