Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Ring Of Honor TV! This will be the last weekly show to feature matches from the NJPW/ROH joint shows from May.

The Addiction vs. CHAOS (Okada & Gedo)

Addiction ask to be called the "Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions of the World." Gedo jabs the hell out of Kazarian, and Kaz tags out to Daniels, who gets caught with a big kick from Okada. Okada follows up with a slingshot senton and tags to Gedo, who gets droppe d by Kaz, who then does a nice springboard legdrop to the back of Gedo's head as we go to a commercial break.

We come back to Okada breaking a count, and Addiction taking advantage of the distracted. Daniels pushes Red Shoes, who then takes a fighting stance and draws a huge roar from the crowd. Okada gets the hot tag and goes crazy on Daniels, culminating in a neckbreaker for two. He then fends off a double team attempt and dropkicks Daniels off the top rope to the floor.

Daniels recovers and The Addiction hit another double team legdrop move. Okada fights back and shortly after, he and Kaz collide, leaving everyone but Gedo down. Gedo tags in and fights both off, but eventually is taken down by Daniels. Celebrity Rehab wins it for Addiction.

Winners: The Addiction via pinfall (Celebrity Rehab)

Okada hits the Rainmaker on Daniels after the match.

Watanabe vs. Adam Page (w/ Colby Corino)

This match is joined in progress, and Watanabe won't give up a tight headlock he has on. Page finally works out of it and lands a few strikes to Watanabe. Page goes for a leap frog but gets punched and German suplexed, which gets a huge cheer from the crowd. Colby Corino trips Watanabe up, which earns him a German Suplex on the floor as we go back to commercial.

We come back to Adam Page pummeling Watanabe. He puts Watanabe in a straightjacket hold, but Watanabe breaks out and kicks him for a two. Watanabe tosses Page over the top rope, but Page lands on his feet on a German Suplex attempt. Colby posts Watanabe, and Page hits a shooting star shouldberblock, which makes no sense. Back inside, Page scores a big DDT for two. Watanabe fights back and turns him inside out with a huge back superplex. Colby kicks Watanabe, leading to the Rite of Passage for the win.

Winner: Adam Page via pinfall (Rite of Passage)

- Main event time. This should be a good one.

AJ Styles vs. Adam Cole

The two shake hands, but Cole spits in Styles' hand. He grabs a headlock, but gets a fireman's carry neckbreaker from Styles. A big forearm and vertical suplex before hitting his signature dropkick as we go to a commercial break.

We come back to see Cole in control as Kevin Kelly plugs this terrible code line. A big knee to the face from Cole earns a two count. He then spits at the commentary team, but gets suplexed into the corner right after. Styles follows up with a torture rack bomb, and goes for a Styles Clash, but ends up eating a suplex/neckbreaker for a two count. Styles goes to springboard, but gets caught with a superkick and Cole applies a figure four. Styles gets out and hits a Bloody Sunday to the apron before the last break.

Styles is in the ring clipping Cole with strikes, but misses the Pele kick and gets superkicked. Cole then hits the Styles Clash, but only gets a two out of it. Cole gives him another superkick and a German suplex, but eats a Pele and a two reverse tombstones, followed by a Styles Clash. AJ wins. Great match.

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (Styles Clash)

Cole forces AJ to shake his hand afterwards to end the show.

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