Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Ring of Honor TV. This is the syndicated version of the program, the first taping after the most recent PPV

Watanabe vs. Dalton Castle (w/ His Boys)

The two shake hands and adhere to the Code of Honor. A big shoulder block sends Castle to the ground. Watanabe is sent to the ground with a shoulder, then summons the boys to fan him off, which makes Castle mad. A Hart Attack clothesline from Watanabe sets up a surfboard smash as we go to commercial.

A double clothesline leaves both men down. Watanabe gets up and playfully mocks Castle, but gets a couple of German suplexes, including a dead-lift suplex. Watanabe gets up, but lands the Bang-A-Rang for the pin.

Winner: Dalton Castle via pinfall (Bang-A-Rang)

Castle says he's the only real man in ROH, which causes Silas Young to come out and try to get in his face.

- Nigel McGuinness brings out new ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, who is joined by the House of Truth. The crowd chants "you deserve it." Martini says that while Lethal does deserve it, the fans aren't Lethal's people, the House of Truth is.

Lethal says he's the best in the world and the undisputed champion of the greatest wrestling company of the world. He says ROH is the greatest wrestling company in the world because he's undisputed champion.

McGuinness asks Lethal which title he's going to vacate. Lethal goes off and says he's not giving up either championship. Nigel McGuinness says the titles are two separate entities and that Lethal will have to defend both championships against different opponents. He says at the next iPPV he's defending the world title against Roderick Strong, and on next week's ROH TV he defends the TV title against Mark Briscoe. Lethal says he doesn't care, and he'll do it.

Roderick Strong interrupts and says he's going to become the new ROH World Champion at Death Before Dishonor. --

- We see a pre-taped interview from Adam Page hyping a match with Matt Sydal next week.

- Kingdom comes out, and Maria says while Cole was gone, Kingdom has won IWGP Tag Team Championships, traveled the world. They all embrace and say that the Best in the World loss isn't Cole's fault.

Kingdom (w/ Maria) vs. Michael Elgin & reDRagon

Elgin takes control of Bennett early and does a hanging vertical suplex. Both Kingdom partners hit Elgin to break it up, but he just keeps Bennett in the air. reDragon apply submissions to the other two teammates, but get bounced from the ring, which allows Kingdom to triple team Elgin in their own corner as we go to a commercial break.

We come back to Elgin hitting a Codebreaker/senton combination and tagging out. Both members of reDRagon come in and clean house, really taking it to Cole with a backbreaker/kneedrop. Taven eats an assisted codebreaker/German suplex, but kicks out at two. O'Reilly locks on the rope hung armbar, but Cole superkicks him off.

Elgin is in the ring dominating all of Kingdom, hitting a double Samoan drop on Taven/Bennett for a two count. Kingdom then take turns clubbing Elgin before hitting a Proton Pack and a shining wizard for a two count. Elgin then Awesome Bombs Taven onto the rest of Kingdom outside. Chasing the Dragon and a Superbomb on Taven, but it's broken up and the crowd is mad about it.

Destroyer and a Spike Piledriver only gets two on Elgin, and the crowd actually sounds like their intelligence is insulted. Cole and O'Reilly go back and forth with strikes until a big O'Reilly clothesline and Chasing the Dragon wins it.

Winners: Michael Elgin & reDRagon via pinfall (Chasing the Dragon)

Cole shakes his opponent's hands and leaves without Kingdom.

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