Source: Kevin Gill Show

MVP was recently on the Kevin Gill Show, where he discussed several subjects, including CM Punk moving over to the UFC. You can see the highlights below:

CM Punk in the UFC:

"I think it's awesome. I respect the fact that it's something he want's to do and something that he pursues and is pursuing. That's not a joke. You don't step in that cage half assed. I compete in Jiu Jitsu, I do tournaments, I grapple. But I don't get elbow smashed in the face. I have immense respect… Punk and I have always been cool going back to the indies and I dig the fact that he is doing something so totally out of the box… and well it's really not that out of the box, except for the fact that he doesn't have that life tip of grappling or standup behind him. From a business standpoint, what a great move for Dana White! Awesome. You're gonna get brand new eyes on the product, that probably weren't watching before, in the case of professional wrestling fans, and you create that curiosity factor. Even people who are (like)"I Just wanna see this"… and what if he wins? What if he is good? What if he does discover his second nature? I'm proud of the dude. Go for it! Live your life!"

Dusty Rhodes:

"Every time he saw me he always had a hug and a kiss for me. Which is weird. Cuz I'll give a bro hug, but I'm not into dudes kissing me. But with Dream, I didn't flinch, I didn't wince, it felt like a hug and a kiss from dad. He actually introduced me a few times as his darkest son. He would say 'come over here baby, and give me some sugar. This is my darkest son right here.'"

His attitude:

"I remember the day I got out of prison. I went in when I was 16, I came home when I was 26. I did 9 and half years in the Florida state prison system. I had this new attitude. Never again in life will I have a bad day, I'll just have days I can make better. My worst day out here, is better than my best day in prison. The day I got out, I had spent over a third of my life in prison. It allowed me to see the world from a different perspective and say, 'okay, going forward these are the eyes I wanna look through-- positive mental attitude'. I applied that, and of course life is about peaks and valleys and when you hit those broke, hungry, starving wrestler trying to make it… some of those valleys kinda suck but when you get to those peaks, you enjoy them that much more."

Competing at Gathering of The Juggalos:

"I know some of the boys that have been there. I've heard stories about it which is why I've always wanted to go. Just the stories I've heard.. Yeah, sign me up, I want to check that out. I'm looking forward to it. I'm up for the challenge. I know that M-Dogg Matt Cross is a pretty impressive athlete, and with his ability and my ability I'm sure we'll put on a great show. Those fans are there to have a great time, we're gonna have a good time!"

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