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Watanabe vs. ACH

The two try to clothesline each other and trade strikes, but it doesn't do either any good. They're literally allowing each other to land strikes, and that doesn't work out too well for ACH. ACH is quickly able to land a dropkick that evens things up for him.
Watanabe is sent outside of the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back to see Watanabe in control, landing on ACH with a big senton. This doesn't last long, as Watanabe is sent back outside, where ACH connects with a big Fosbury Flop. Watanabe doesn't seem to care, though, as he clotheslines ACH and turns him inside out. The two brawl outside, which Watanabe controls. ACH manages a superkick and a brainbuster before winning with the 450 splash.

Winner: ACH via pinfall (450 Splash)

- Nigel McGuinness is in the ring, and says Roderick Strong will get a re-match against Jay Lethal for the world title at the next TV tapings on August 21. The winner will defend the title at All-Star Extravaganza against Kyle O'Reilly. Bobby Fish will also get a TV Title shot.

War Machine vs. House of Truth (w/ Jay Lethal & Truth Martini)

Lethal is on commentary, as Dijak and J jump War Machine before the bell. The two teams are working out of awkward corners for the hard camera, but either way, Hanson destroys both men with sledgehammers in the corner. Diesel manages a cheap shot and gets the double boots from the House of Truth. Ray Rowe gets the tag and War Machine lands several boots of their own.

Rowe is pulled out of the ring, and Hanson gets double teamed. Diesel meets the same fate, however, and Dijak falls victim to Path of Resistance. Spin Kick of Doom and Fallout finish the job. War Machine, victory.

Winners: War Machine via pinfall (Fallout)

Jay Lethal screams at Hansen after the match. Hansen will be facing Lethal for the TV title this month.

Adam Page (w/ Decade) vs. Tim Hughes

Page stomps Hughes into the corner. Rite of passage, pin.

Winner: Adam Page via pinfall (Rite of Passage)

BJ Whitmer cuts a promo after the match and asks if Page is ready to make a statement. Page calls out Jay Briscoe, but he's not there this week. You would think Decade were the biggest heels in the company if you only watched their TV show. Whitmer instead switches his focus to Steve Corino, and Nigel McGuinness has to separate them.

reDRagon vs. Kingdom (w/ Maria)

Adam Cole replaces Steve Corino on commentary. Kyle gets an armbar on Matt Taven early off of a sunset flip attempt. Fish and Bennett are in, and Bennett is punished with big kicks and a double suplex as we go to a commercail.

We come back to see reDRagon diving all over the place, but Maria distracts Kyle long enough for Taven to blast him in the head with a kick. Kingdom isolates Kyle O'Reilly as Bennett does a Steve Austin style Thesz Press and elbow drop. O'Reilly still manages a big strike combination and tags out to Fish.

Fish lands several kicks before landing an Exploder Suplex in the corner. reDRagon hit a series of elbows in the corner before a backbreaker/knee drop earns a two count. Taven spin kicks Fish, and Kingdom hits the Proton Pack on O'Reilly. Taven follows up with a Swanton Bomb on Fish.

Each member takes turns landing a big strike on the other one, and Kingom ends up taking O'Reilly out with a Hail Mary on the floor. Another to Fish in the ring finishes the match.

Winners: Kingdom via pinfall (Hail Mary)

Kingdom sets up for another Hail Mary, and Adam Cole stops them. Maria calls Kindgom off to end the show.

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