Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Chyna appeared on the Bell 2 Bell podcast recently and made some pretty heavy claims in relation to her ultra-successful Playboy shoot.

Chyna says that when she was offered the opportunity to pose for Playboy, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon made it known to her that she could never become world champion.

"Yes, there certainly was, it was actually in the pipeline and ready to happen, but when Playboy came along and wanted me to pose for them, I had to make a choice. Vince (McMahon) told me if I did Playboy, I could never be world champion. I'm a woman, I like to feel pretty and liberated, and be able to kick some ass too, so I chose Playboy and was never world champion," she said.

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Chyna would never become world champion. This conversation would have occurred fifteen years ago, as Chyna appeared in the November 2000 edition of Playboy. She and WWE parted ways a little over a year later.

Now 44, Chyna has been making several attempts to reconcile with the WWE in hopes that she can get another run, or a Hall of Fame induction.

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