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- Seth Rollins comes out and brags about how great he is, and runs down all of his accomplishments. He mentions breaking Cena's nose, escaping Sheamus' cash-in, and defeating Neville. This brings out Neville, who tells him that he's going "on and on and on and on," which also brings out Cesaro. Owens pops up and attacks Cesaro, throwing him into the stairs. Rollins hits a buckle bomb on Neville.

Charlotte (w/ Becky Lynch) vs. Naomi (w/ Team BAD)

Charlotte quickly chops Naomi, and sends her outside of the ring. Naomi grabs Charlotte by the feet and slams her down on the apron. Naomi grabs a modified cobra clutch, then does a splits leg drop onto Charlotte, before grabbing the hold again. Charlotte fights out and nails a spear for two, then tosses Naomi over the top rope onto Team BAD. Charlotte applies the Figure 8 and gets the submission.

Winner: Charlotte via submission (Figure 8)

- Ryback cuts a promo about overcoming his staph infection, and says he'll still be Intercontinental Champion after Summerslam.

- The Wyatt Family comes out, and Luke Harper says he was born holding the devil's hand. Wyatt starts cutting a promo, but Dean Ambrose interrupts and says it's time to fight. Roman Reigns appears, and he'll face Harper.

Roman Reigns (w/ Dean Ambrose) vs. Luke Harper (w/ Bray Wyatt)

Reigns attacks early and sends Luke Harper outside of the ring as we head to a commercial break. Reigns comes back with a Samoan Drop, but can't capitalize and gets placed in a headlock. Harper slams Reigns' head across the bottom rope, but misses a boot in the corner.

The two trade blows, but Harper hits a big dropkick. The two end up outside, where Ambrose attacks Wyatt. Reigns hits another Samoan drop as Wyatt and Ambrose continue fighting ringside. Harper scores a big superkick and almost gets the pin. Ambrose and Wyatt end up in the ring, and the match is stopped.

Winner: Roman Reigns via DQ

Wyatt Family attacks Ambrose, and Reigns flies in with a clothesline to the rescue. The Wyatts are sent over the guard rail.

- Sheamus is shown the footage of his failed cash-in from Monday. He says the WWE Universe deserves to be entertained and Monday he was about to give them what they wanted. He says Orton took his moment.

New Day (w/ Kofi Kingston) vs. Prime Time Players

Titus dominates until Big E tosses him outside the ring, where Kofi kicks him in the grill. Xavier and Big E take turns stomping Titus as we go to commercial. We come back to see Titus work out of an abdominal stretch and tag out to Young. Young lands several suplexes and back suplexes Xavier on the apron. Young back body drops Kofi on the floor, and New Day tries to take off. Matadores and Lucha Dragon show up, and Young hits Xavier with the Gut Check for the win.

Winner: Prime Time Players via pinfall (Gut Check)

- We see an Undertaker/Brock Lesnar hype video.

Cesaro & Neville vs. Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins

Cesaro hits a big delayed suplex on Rollins, and Neville takes out Owens for trying to intervene as we go to our last commercial. We come back and see Owens headlocking Neville, as Neville was slammed into the guard rail and the floor during a commercial. Owens then scores a DDT on Neville.

Rollins comes in and works Neville over briefly before tagging back out to Owens, who scores a big cannonball in the corner on Neville. Neville finally makes the hot tag and Cesaro goes crazy with European uppercuts. Cesaro goes to throw Rollins outside on Owens, but Owens sidesteps him, then sacrificed Rollins on a Cesaro suicide dive.

Neville hits a dive on Owens, and Rollins lands a big kick an a turnbuckle bomb on Cesaro. Rollins goes for a Pedigree but gets locked in a Sharpshooter. Owens breaks it up long enough for Rollins to get a roll-up pin.

Winners: Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins via pinfall

Kevin Owens attacks Cesaro after the match, but Rollins leaves him to get beat up.

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