Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of Ring of Honor TV. Tonight's show is set to feature Dalton Castle, Moose and the Young Bucks.

Dalton Castle (w/ His Boys) vs. Silas Young

Castle cheap shots Young, armdrags him and lands headbutts. A big knee from Silas gets him the advantage briefly, but Young is distracted by the boys and clotheslined. Silas manages to regain his bearings and tosses Castle into the guard rail before a commercial break.

The two trade strikes, but Young creams Castle with a big lariat, and then sends Castle over the top rope to the outside. Castle gets back inside the ring to trade more strikes, then drives himself and Young over the top rope to the floor. Castle follows up with forearms, knees, and a big spinning slam for two. Young takes out one of the boys and Castle hits Bangarang for the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle via pinfall (Bangarang)

Young says the boys need to learn to be men, and he doesn't approve of Castle's lifestyle. He challenges Castle to a match for the boys.

- We see this week's edition of Inside ROH.

- Bobby Fish is ringside and says he doesn't think Lethal will make it past Hanson to defend the ROH TV title. Lethal comes out and argues with him, and they have to be separated.

Moose (w/ Stokely Hathaway) vs. Will Ferrara

Ferrara scores strikes early, but gets dropkicked off the top rope. Outside the ring, Moose swings Ferrara into the guardrail. Ferrara briefly fights back with a DDT and a suicide dive DDT, but back inside the ring he's belly-to-belly superplexed. Moose with a spear for the win.

Winner: Moose via pinfall (spear)

- Adam Cole is backstage, and says he'll be an ROH Tag Team Champion next week.

RPG Vice vs. Young Bucks

Nick takes down Baretta with an arm drag off the ropes, and both men tag out. Romero hits a huracanrana on Matt, but Nick lands a tornado DDT on Baretta to the floor. Romero gets out of a Meltzer Driver, but Nick does a huge flip dive to the floor onto both members of RPG Vice before the commercial.

We come back to see all four men outside the ring, with RPG Vice getting the advantage. Inside the ring Romero lands the Bucks' signature handspring cartwheel back rake. Baretta is tagged in and teases the crowd with a big move, but eats Superkick #1 from Nick. Romero walks into Superkick #2 from Matt, and Baretta gets punted in the grill. The Bucks don't slow down, hitting a moonsault/suicide dive on Vice.

The Bucks get two on Romero, but Baretta is a house of fire. Baretta makes Nick kick Matt, then stomps Nick to the floor. RPG Vice land an assisted lungblower and an Enziguri, but it doesn't finish the job. Superkicks #3 and #4 earn Matt a big clothesline to the face, and everyone is down.

Baretta gets Matt up on the floor, and Vice score a knee-strike Doomsday Device. Nick is double teamed in the ring, but he manages to kick out at 2. Romero gets superkick #5 while Nick hits a Canadian Destroyer. Buckle Bomb/enziguri/cannonball sets up the assisted 450, but Romero somehow kicks out. Superkick #6 and #7 to both members of RPG Vice, followed by More Bang For Your Buck. Bucks win.

Winners: Young Bucks via pinfall (More Bang For Your Buck)

KRD comes out and attack the Young Bucks, tying Matt up in the ropes as the show ends.

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