- As noted, Roddy Piper's last movie, The Masked Saint, released last Friday. The film's star, Brett Granstaff, spoke to FOX411 about the film and talked about Piper interacting with his fans on the set.

"There is a lot of down time between shots and set ups and a lot of people go back to their trailers, but he stayed on set the whole time," Granstaff said. "He talked with every fan, he signed every autograph, there were a lot of indie guys, indie wrestlers in the film, he met with every single one of them, talked about how to cut a better promo, what life was like on the road -- he wanted them to be the best wrestlers they could be because he just loved wrestling and he loved his fans and the fact he was just so gracious with his time, it really hit home, he really cared, it was amazing."

- The Christian Post also has an interview with Granstaff at this link.

- Former Nexus member Tyrone Evans, f.k.a. Michael Tarver, released his second album titled Sheep In Wolves Clothing. The Christian hip hop album is available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify and CDbaby.com.

- Sportskeeda has an article here about former WWE star Nathan Jones starring in an Indian movie called Boologam, which was released last October. In the movie, Jones plays a crazy boxer named "Killer George" who faces the film's hero in the climax in a private boxing league. You can check out Jones in the trailer for the film above, first appearing at the 0:48 mark.

The article states that a former WWE star appearing in an Indian movie "is certainly a first for Indian cinema," which isn't true. The Great Khali has starred in Indian movies before, and Brian "Crush" Adams and the "fake" Undertaker - Brian Lee - once starred in a 1996 Indian movie called Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi with top Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. You can check out the fight scene between Kumar and the imposter 'Taker below:

Kumar once again starred in a film with a former WWE star last year, as Shad Gaspard fought him in the Warrior-inspired MMA flick Brothers, as seen below:

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