Vince Russo's issues with TNA Wrestling have been well documented. Regardless, Russo worked with TNA through some of it's formative years, all the way up until the rough 2014 that led them down their current road.

On Russo's latest episode of Nuclear Heat, he goes into detail about the issues that led to his firing as a consultant for TNA. Russo had been working in secret for the company, helping out with scripts and story lines.

Russo said that he had major issues with Eric Bischoff creatively, which should be no surprise to anyone. Russo helped get Bruce Prichard hired, who was eventually put in a position above Bischoff and Russo to help them resolve any creative conflicts the two had. Russo eventually left the company because he couldn't get along with Bischoff, who Russo says buried him to Spike executives.

After Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett left TNA, Russo said he saw a chance to work with TNA again.

"I called Dixie Carter, she put in a call to John Gaburick, he contacted me and we worked out the arrangements for me to be a consultant, but nobody could know. I was never told why. I was told by Gaburick, it's the way Dixie wanted it. I went to TNA as a consultant for $2,000 a month," Russo said.

Russo said that he would write angles, but because he couldn't be on the road, things wouldn't actually get shot. A bigger issue, according to Russo, was that Gaburick didn't like being challenged. When Russo did that, he says that Gaburick looked for reasons to let him know.

"The second it broke and I accidentally sent that email and it was exposed, that was Gaburick's opportunity. He did it the next day. 'This was supposed to be a secret, it got let out, we gotta let you go,'" Russo said.

Russo also claims that Gaburick told him that he let Scott Fishman of Spike knew that Russo was consulting and was okay with it. Many blamed the Russo-TNA relationship as a reason why Spike didn't renew TNA.

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