Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of WWE Superstars. Tonight's edition features The Dudley Boyz, Tyler Breeze and former World Champion Jack Swagger in action!

Dudley Boyz vs. Ascension

The Dudley Boyz find early success, but D-Von gets dropped and worked over by The Ascension. Konnor ends up getting posted and Bubba Ray gets the hot tag and runs wild. I'm pretty sure Bubba Ray calls Konnor a "prick." Wazzup headbutt lands on Viktor, right in the gonad area. 3D on Konnor, pinfall.

Winners: Dudley Boyz via pinfall (3D)

That's a pretty solid couple of nights for the Dudley Boyz. They beat the Wyatt Family last night, and The Ascension tonight.

Tyler Breeze vs. Jack Swagger

Tyler Breeze lays across the top rope, which Swagger doesn't care much for. Swagger knocks Breeze out, does the same and gets a huge ovation for it. Breeze takes advantage with a dropkick to Swagger's knee, and works it over with a single leg crab.

Swagger works his way out and goes to town on Breeze. Swagger reverses an Unprettier and manages to kick out of an eziguri attempt. Swagger catches Breeze with a double leg slam. A Vader Bomb lands, then Swagger applies the Patriot Lock for the submission win.

Winner: Jack Swagger via submission (Patriot Lock)

- Usually this is where Superstars ends, but we get a backstage Social Outcasts promo. Heath Slater says the Social Outcasts will make history at the Rumble. Cool.

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