Thomas Feaheny interviewed former TNA X-Division Champion Robbie E to talk about TNA's future and the move to Pop TV. You can hear the full interview above, they sent us these highlights:

TNA's move to POP TV:

"Pop has been great for Impact Wrestling, they have welcomed us with open arms, it is a win-win for everyone. They're also in more homes now. Destination America weren't welcoming us which was was weird because we were the highest rated show on there."

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TNA's future:

"Dixie Carter is the greatest boss in the world and never wants the company to go, people will say things about us, but we are still here."

His career goals and who he wants to wrestle:

"World title gold is the only thing missing from me being a grand slam champion in Impact Wrestling. I think people forget I have held all those championships. Ethan Carter III is the one I want to get into the ring with, it would make for a great wrestling match and great TV."


"It's one of the reasons I love wrestling so much. I've gone so many places out of the country that I'd have never been if I weren't a wrestler."

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