Source: WWE

The WWE website has a new interview with Tommy Dreamer talking about how popular MMA star Kimbo Slice almost became a WWE Superstar. Dreamer was working for WWE Talent Relations in the mid-2000's and made a pitch for the company to sign Slice. Dreamer commented on how Kimbo landed on his radar:

"His manager sent me a very impressive demo reel. Back then, it was on a VHS tape and I was totally in awe of what I was seeing. It was all street fighting and him cutting promos. I had no clue who he was and I was captivated once I saw him."

This was while Slice was still underground and Dreamer spoke to Kimbo's manager, then Kimbo himself. He put a highlight package together and brought it to his boss, John Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis was said to be impressed but apparently there was some concern that Kimbo wasn't a trained wrestler. Dreamer commented on the idea getting shot down:

"I was told, "We're not going in that direction," and "How long would it take to develop a talent like that?" I don't know if he would have went to developmental system at the time or if he [Kimbo] was thinking, "Hey, I'm gonna get signed and go to the main roster," but it was kind of shot down quickly."

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