- Shawn Michaels noted on Vince Russo's The Brand podcast on Podcast One that his WrestleMania appearance with Mick Foley and Steve Austin was planned well in advance. Michaels said, via The Inquisitr, that Vince McMahon called him with the plans six weeks before the show, and said that he wanted him to appear in his wrestling gear as Foley and Austin would be doing the same, and it would be a more special moment if they were all in their ring gear. Michaels said he wasn't in the best of shape at the time and turned down the idea, but Vince convinced him to start training. The day of the show, Michaels realized that Vince was B.S.ing him as Austin wasn't in his ring gear.

- WWE will be returning to Jacksonville, FL for a live event on Sunday, June 26th at the Veterans Memorial Arena. Tickets go on sale next Friday, April 22 at 10:00 a.m.

- Comedy news site The Interrobang has an article here about WWE comedy titled, "Wrestling With Comedy: How the WWE Brought Them Together, and Ruined Both." It looks at several past not-so-funny wrestling angles like Mae Young giving birth to a hand, Vince McMahon dropping the "n" bomb in front of Booker T and Sharmell, Beaver Cleavage, etc. It also suggested that although there are many wrestlers who are great at comedy, Vince McMahon will hire writers strictly to amuse him:

Comedy is a natural part of life, and a huge part of how people connect with one another. A wrestler's job is to connect with the crowd, so if they're a funny person, they're going to use that to connect. Unfortunately, if they aren't a particularly funny person, and they have an insane sense of humor that regularly crosses the line into the disgusting and offensive, it's going to turn people away and might even cause others to think they're a monster. Typically, that person wouldn't become a comedy writer, but apparently he might hire a bunch of them and display their efforts towards making him and him alone laugh on national television every week.

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