As noted, John Cena recently appeared on "Larry King Now" on Ora.TV. Below are highlights from the show, please note that some of the highlights had been previously posted:

- Cena said that he's been dating Nikki Bella for four years come this August. When asked if he'll be marrying her, Cena laughed and said that he gets that question a lot. He admitted that she probably does want to get married, but they're "focused on the now" and will worry about the details later on.

- When asked to name a wrestler from the past that he'd most like to wrestle, Cena said "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

- Cena was asked about NXT. Cena said that they've done a great job recruiting talent with "previous experience," but that it's also created new stars like Enzo and Big Cass. He said that NXT has gone from becoming developmental to its own brand. He also said that he'd like to see which NXT stars can resonate on the main roster, stating that just because you resonate with an NXT audience doesn't mean you'll resonate with a RAW or SmackDown crowd.

- Cena said that he's not a fan of the UFC. While he doesn't want to take anything away from the fighters, he said that MMA "doesn't resonate" with him. He explains, "It doesn't resonate with me because I'm a storyteller. I enjoy the story we can tell in the ring. I think we do it better than anyone."

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- Cena talked about his sex scene with Amy Schumer in Trainwreck, and said that it was originally written to be more physical. He said that once they started adlibbing, Schumer and director Judd Apatow ditched the physical humor and just made it an awkward scene. When asked if there will be a Trainwreck 2, Cena said that if there isn't, Schumer should definitely have another project.

- It was noted that Cena needs one more WWE World Championship to tie Ric Flair's record of 16 titles. Cena said that beating Flair's record is not his main priority, noting that "I have so many more things I would like to accomplish, and that's on a very side list, I'd say."

- Cena hopes to return to WWE by the end of the month. "I'm pushing to try and get back within the month, if I can," Cena said.

- Cena was able to keep his WrestleMania appearance a surprise by dressing "in a side office that's a broom closet."

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