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Dalton Castle & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Matt Sydal & Jushin Thunder Liger

Castle is placed in a modified surfboard, but taunts Liger after getting out. He then powders out of the ring, but Liger calls on the boys and taunts Castle. We come back from a commercial to see Taguchi get a hip attack on Sydal, as the commentary team constantly reminds us these matches were taped two months ago. This is followed by about 10 hip attacks before Sydal gets a standing moonsault. Castle also gets a dead lift belly to belly suplex and German suplex. Sydal comes back with a reverse rana and Shooting Star Press on Castle for the win.

Winners: Matt Sydal & Jushin Thunder Liger via pinfall (Shooting Star Press)

- We are once again reminded these matches were taped in February before seeing a video of the trip to Japan.

Gedo vs. Delirious

Gedo and Delirious brawl, and this match is short and sweet, but has a commercial break in the middle for some reason. Delirious gets the pin with a crucifix on Gedo.

Winner: Delirious via pinfall

- Bobby Fish sees Roderick Strong backstage, and Strong still has the TV Title, which explains why they kept saying it was taped two months ago. Fish continues trolling Strong, as is tradition.

- We get an AWESOME Cheeseburger t-shirt commercial.

ROH Television Championship
Roderick Strong (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Ah yes, the February comments make sense now. Strong takes advantage and blasts Ishii with a knee, then an abdominal stretch. Ishii fires back with chops, a shoulder block and a Saito suplex for a two count. We come back from a commercial to see Strong back suplex Ishii off the apron to the floor!

Strong only gets a two, then he and Ishii trade strikes. Ishii gets the best of it and manages a stalling superplex for a two count of his own. Ishii follows up with a powerbomb, but Strong gets a big knee to the face, a double knee gutbuster and a sick kick. Ishii kicks out! Ishii misses a sliding lariat and Strong connects with another knee, but Ishii crushes him with a headbutt and hits a brainbuster for the win!

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii via pinfall (brainbuster) to win the ROH World Television Championship

There were "ROH" and "this is awesome" chants for this match -- in Japan.

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