Source: The Ross Report

Recently on The Ross Report, 'Good Ol' J.R.' Jim Ross talked about whether he believes The Undertaker will retire any time soon and how to raise the profile of WWE's secondary titles.

According to Ross, The Undertaker does not appear to be retiring in the near future.

"I get this question every day on Twitter. No, I don't think The Undertaker is going to retire any time soon."

Ross went on to say that The Undertaker's retirement will most likely be the biggest news story of the year, whenever that may be.

"I think that when he does retire, unless there is complete insanity [that] has engulfed the world of sports entertainment, that it will be the biggest news of the year, the last match for 'The Deadman'. And I think that last match for 'The Deadman' will be at a WrestleMania. When that will happen, I don't know. [WrestleMania] 33? I don't know. [WrestleMania] 34? Who knows?"

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On the topic of reviving WWE's Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship, Ross claimed that those titles must be held by talents who are over with the fans.

"The guy that gets the [championship] belt has got to be over. He [has] got to be somebody the fans, already in their mind's eye, perceive as a main event person. If he's a main event person, and then he's the Intercontinental Champion, and then the Intercontinental Championship gets to go for a ride with the person that's over."

Moreover, Ross was critical of so-called 50/50 booking, which prevents talents from gaining momentum and advancing up the proverbial ladder.

"The person that's over can make the belt mean more, and so, as time goes, and then, [there is] continuity. Continuity! You can't have 50/50 booking here. People understand booking trends. They understand people winning or they understand people getting their heart broken. But they don't understand this 50/50 stuff because there's no follow up. This data doesn't get imprinted into your mind, 'okay, see [Chris] Jericho [has] won two [matches], I think. I think Jericho [has] won two. AJ [Styles] may have won. I think AJ [has] won two. I think. I'm not sure' because you can't go look at the USA Today and find the standings. It's not on, so winning is important if you're not over. Now, once you get over, then you can play with it a little bit, but not much. You don't want to screw with it much."

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