This past week on Vince Russo's THE BRAND, which can be heard daily on and seen on the, was an extremely busy week as Terri Runnels (Marlena), D-Lo Brown and Kurt Angle all stopped by to chew the fat with yours truly.

In my interview with the iconic Kurt Angle, who is celebrating his 20th anniversary of winning the Olympic Gold Medal, Kurt opened up about his health, and when he feel he actually reached his peaked in professional wrestling.

"I felt really good at 38, 39, when I felt I was at my peak," Angle said. "I wrestled the Olympics at 27, and actually, I thought I was horrible! I didn't know anything then! I wish I would have wrestled at the Olympics at 39."

Kurt then talked a bit about the politics in professional wrestling, and how he looked up to Sting in order to draw an example for himself.

"Sting never had to get into it politically and he was always protected. I really think the good Lord did the work for Sting. If anything he would always try to help others--it was never about him. I learned a lot from Sting. He's the guy I wanted to be like."

Kurt then goes into why others in the business maybe chose not to screw with him politically.

"I was a bad ass. I think everybody knew that and I didn't think anybody wanted to test that. It does suck that you have to be a bad ass not to get screwed with--but, that's the way the business is sometimes."

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