Welcome to this week's coverage of NJPW on AXS. Tonight's show features WWE Superstar AJ Styles taking on Okada!

AJ Styles (w/ Bullet Club) vs. Okada (w/ Gedo)

Virtually the entire Bullet Club is ringside for this match. The two trade holds but Styles cheap shots his way to an advantage before hitting a beautiful dropkick. The Bullet Club gets involved and Jim Ross goes off. Okada gets stomped out, but Red Shoes catches them and sends them all to the back by telling them to suck it. Gallows, Anderson, The Bucks, the whole gang is booted out in hilarious fashion.

Styles and Okada slug it out until Okada drops Styles. Okada scores with a flapjack when Styles comes off the top rope, but Styles quickly works back with his springboard moonsault reverse DDT. Styles goes for a springboard move and gets crotched, which allows Okada to dropkick Styles to the floor. The two battle outside briefly before heading back inside, where Okada gets another dropkick for a two count.

Okada calls for the Rainmaker, but Styles elbows his way out and suplexes Okada into the corner. Okada fights back, and the two are trading strikes once again. They get nose-to-nose and Styles almost knocks Okada out with forearms before running into yet another dropkick. Styles uses his DDP Yoga strength to land a Tombstone on the much larger Okada, but only gets a two count after a springboard 450 splash.

Styles drags Okada to the corner and goes for a Super Styles Clash, but gets fireman's carried onto the apron. Styles reverses another Rainmaker and lands a Pele, which has both men down on the canvas. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but it's reversed into the Rainmaker and Okada picks up the win.

Winner: Okada via pinfall (Rainmaker)

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