- As noted, NXT will head to the Download festival from Friday, June 10 through Sunday, June 12, in the U.K. at Derby's Donington Park. Triple H talked to Team Rock about NXT having a presence at the festival.

"If there are some fans of NXT that are like, 'I used to listen to Iron Maiden when I was a kid, now I'm gonna go see this NXT show at Download!', they're connecting there," Triple H said. "While they're there, they're gonna see Sabbath and think, 'That was amazing!', or they're gonna see some younger bands. That's a huge connection point on both sides. There's also a lot of people that watch the [NXT TV] show, and if they see us playing Sleeping With Sirens or whatever, and they like the song, and that turns them onto that genre of music, then that's awesome, and vice versa. I think it's a great opportunity for both sides. To be able to mix fanbases and turn other people onto what you do, that's a great, great partnership."

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- One of the most annoying things that wrestlers - and fans - have to deal with is people snarking about pro wrestling being "fake," as if people don't realize that pro wrestling is entertainment and not a sport. Xavier Woods laid the smackdown on a fan who made that comment on Twitter, you can check out his response below:

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