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Asuka vs. Eva Marie

Asuka and Eva trade holds until Eva gets snapmared and kicked in the back. Eva recovers and shoulder blocks Asuka, who returns the favor and dances. Asuka applies an armbar, but Eva makes it to the ropes. She's quickly hip attacked to the ringside area. Nia Jax shows up to comfort Eva Marie before the commercial break.

We come back to see Eva in control, landing a running senton on Asuka. Eva lands a suplex and doesn't go for a cover, instead applying a submission hold. Asuka goes for a backslide and gets two before a second rope dropkick. Asuka clocks Eva with a spin kick for the pin.

Winner: Asuka via pinfall (spin kick)

Jax and Asuka face off after the match.

- We get highlights of Samoa Joe beating Finn Balor at a live event last Thursday. The crowd went absolutely nuts.

The Revival vs. Matt Lee and Jeff Parker

Lee and Parker weighing in at a combined weight of Viktor from the Ascension, and they're treated about like it. The Revival beat the hell out of one with an assisted gutbuster before kicking the other one. 'Jamoke number one' as Graves calls him gets a powerbomb/top rope clothesline. Lee is forced to tag in and eats Shatter Machine. Revival win. Great squash.

Winners: The Revival via pinfall (Shatter Machine)

Dash and Dawson say they're putting every tag team in the world on notice, and they're not stopping until they get their titles back.

Hype Bros vs. Blake & Murphy

Giant "Where's Alexa?" chant as Mojo clotheslines Blake. Ryder comes in and gets a seated Blockbuster, then lands a facebuster on both opponents. Ryder gets his leg taken out by Murphy, and the heels go to work on it. Mojo gets the hot tag after a few minutes and turns Murphy inside out, then throws Blake into Murphy. The Hype Ryder gets the win.

Winner: Hype Bros via pinfall (Hype Ryder)

The Revival attack the Hype Bros after the match.

Carmella vs. Aliyah

Carmella moonwalks away from a clothesline before hitting an atomic drop and a dropkick. Aliyah attacks Carmella with strikes before applying a scissored full nelson. Aliyah kicks Carmella, then darts into her in the corner before a second rope leg drop. Carmella gets a Thesz press, headscissors takeover, superkick and Bronco Buster before applying the Triangle for the submission.

Winner: Carmella via submission (inverted Triangle)

- Elias Samson is backstage and says that he thinks Commissioner Regal misunderstood him, and he's going to make sure Shinsuke Nakamura wishes he'd never drifted into NXT.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Elias Samson

Nakamura trolls Samson a little bit, then drops a knee on The Drifter. Samson battles back with a clothesline, but gets kneed and returns fire with a forearm and a suplex for two. Nakamura counters with a spinning heel kick and a series of knees before an inverted Exploder and Kinsasha for the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall (Kinsasha)

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