- As noted, Alicia Fox made history when she became the female star to appear in front of a crowd in the United Arab Emirates at a WWE live event in Dubai earlier this month. Natalya joined Fox on the trip, and met with children during the tour alongside Fox. Natalya and Fox spoke to CPI Financial about the experience.

"We're in awe that we are the first women to represent WWE in Dubai. it's a huge honour but it's a little overwhelming at the same time, because that's a big deal. We're proud to be doing that, and we're taking in Dubai. This is one of the most beautiful cities that I've ever been to!" said Natalya.

"When we speak to the children of Dubai, they want to know what it means to be an empowering woman in WWE," Fox added. "Coming over to Dubai, we try to talk to these girls, give them positive messages and feedback, and empower them in turn."

- Speaking of Natalya, as noted, during a segment on this week's Smackdown taped last night, Ric Flair got a little carried away and told Natalya to "kill yourself" when she was comparing Flair to Bret Hart. The segment will almost surely be edited, but you can check out Flair's outburst below:

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