TNA's DJ Z was a guest on on Jordan Garber NOW, where he talked his TNA career and the future of the company. You can check out highlights below.

Signing with TNA:

"I don't know how they contacted me. I was sitting there with my girlfriend and my phone rang and it was TNA calling me for a tryout. All of a sudden they called me and when they called I was ready. I've been talking this big game that i deserve a contract. Well now I got a tryout so lets see if i'm really as good as I think I am. Then I got my contract."

Who has helped him most:

"Rob Van Dam hands down. I think I learned more from Rob Van Dam than anybody I learnt from in Wrestling. He was really instrumental in me understanding a lot more about pro wrestling."

The future of TNA:

"I think there is a lot of potential with TNA in the future. I think that wrestling fans just need to give it a chance. So many people dog TNA and act like its a terrible promotion. But I guarantee you a lot of these people don't even watch the current product. They just go on the internet and form an opinion based on what they read. What you're looking at is a bunch of young hungry talent that really wants this place to succeed and be a cool brand again."

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