Lucha Underground's Catrina participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything this week to promote the show. You can check out highlights below, and the full post at this link.

Dusty Rhodes story:

"There are so many amazing times I shared with Dusty... one a lot of people don't know about was when I had to give my very first dog away, I gave it to Dusty's family and it was Cody's childhood dog. Years later, when I first arrived at FCW, we realized we shared the same dog! That's probably the most unique memory I have that I haven't shared with anyone."

NXT season 3:

"I am not a huge fan of that time of NXT, I think was a lot of wasted talent in and out of there, and there was a lot of great talent that came out of there. I enjoyed my time with the girls in FCW because we'd spent many years together, but the show itself I was not a fan of."

Who she wants to see in Lucha Underground:

"There are so many talented people in TNA, WWE, NXT, and stuff like that -- I'd love one day to get my old flame back, EC3. He would be a cool character to have on the show."

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